'Playboy Murders' EP Holly Madison Says Hugh Hefner Would Want These Stories Told (Exclusive)

Playboy Murders

Holly Madison is the executive producer of the all-new true-crime docuseries looking back on tragedies associated with the brand.

Executive produced by Holly Madison, the former Playboy model and ex-girlfriend of the magazine's founder, Hugh Hefner, The Playboy Murders is an all-new, six-part true-crime series that delves deep into the many tragedies associated with the longtime brand. 

"Each part is about a different murder that somehow involved someone within the Playboy world," Madison tells ET, referring to models Carole Gold, Christine Carlin-Kraft, Jasmine Fiore, Stacy Arthur and others who are the focus of the episodes. From murder to rape accusations to conspiracy, these women got caught in unbelievably true and wild turn of events that have left a stain on Playboy's legacy. 

"I think these stories are really important stories to tell," Madison says, noting that not all of them have been covered before. "They were stories I hadn't even heard of, and I thought I knew everything about Playboy history and what happened to all the Playmates."

While these stories might shine a negative light on Hefner's empire, Madison believes that he would want people to know about the truth of what happened. "I think he'd want them to be told, too," she says, adding that "these were real people, some of whom worked for him and they deserve justice and they deserve to have their stories told." 

Madison also believes that this series will help pull back the veil on these people's lives -- and help erase "all kinds of preconceived notions" people have about them or even her. "I kind of feel like I was put on this earth to show people that there's nuance to a story and not everything is black and white," she says while also noting that "people perceive sexuality as a dangerous thing sometimes and it can lead to a lot of blurred lines." 

But just because these women were Playboy models doesn't mean what happened to them isn't relatable. "I feel very emotionally connected to these stories, and I think a lot of other people will too because this is the kind of thing that could really happen to anyone, you know," Madison says. 

"There are so many stories that happen within relationships or from stalkers," she continues. "And this kind of thing could really happen to anybody. And I think that's what makes these stories so compelling." 

The Playboy Murders premieres Monday, Jan. 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ID and is available stream on Discovery+ the same day.