'PLL: The Perfectionists' Star Graeme Thomas King Breaks Down His Big Episode, Promises 'Massive' Surprises

Graeme Thomas King
Kurt Iswarienkio/Freeform via Getty Images

'You’re definitely going to find out a lot more about what’s happening.'

Jeremy Beckett may not have the best interests of the residents of Beacon Heights at heart.

Following Wednesday's shocking episode of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists -- where fans saw Jeremy violently destroy a suspicious laptop and then quasi-kidnap his spying girlfriend, Caitlin (Sydney Park) -- ET's getting the scoop on all the twists and turns from Jeremy himself, Graeme Thomas King.

King told ET that, while he always "had an inkling" that Jeremy wasn't fully good, he's totally kept in the dark about the specific upcoming plot developments.

"... [Jeremy] just had so much to defend, you know? His relationship with Caitlin and his job. And then it became evident during episodes seven and eight that he had a lot to sort of defend. I always had an idea," he explained of his inkling. "All the characters are like that. It’s not just him. You can’t really trust anyone."

Despite his virtual abduction of Caitlin after throwing his laptop in the lake, King likes "to think that [Jeremy] would do anything to protect her," largely because "he needs her."

"But then again... is she a means to an end? Hm. She could be," he teased. "... You have to wait until nine to find out what he does with Caitlin because she’s a valuable commodity. So I like to think that he’s very much defending her. He needs her."

While King mostly played coy about Jeremy's true intentions, he did hint that Jeremy may not be the mastermind he appears to be, but rather that he may be scared of something or someone.

"I’ll give you that," he said of Jeremy likely not being the ringleader of the drama. "That’s a really good theory and you could be on to something there. That’s what I’ll say."

Many of Jeremy's secrets, fans are likely to assume, are related to Beacon Guard, the mysterious security system that appears to be tied to all of the town's drama. Viewers already know that Jeremy works for Hotchkiss Technologies and have seen Jeremy interact with Claire Hotchkiss (Kelly Rutherford), two things that seem to point to that theory, which King called "sort of an interesting."

"There’s still a lot to be discovered about Claire," he said. "... It’s a good theory. I hope it’s true. I think that may be one for season two. I don’t think it’s quite one that we can… it’s a good theory. I’ll give you that one."

As for the show's final two episodes this season, King promised that viewers are "definitely going to find out a lot more about what’s happening" and teased that Jeremy knows "so much." 

"Eight was a pretty big development for him, nine’s gonna be even bigger. It’s pretty huge, actually," he admitted. "… Throughout the early part of the season he’s been pretty isolated, so nine going forward, you see him with the Perfectionists as well as with other people."

"The surprises don’t stop in eight," he continued. "You just have to keep watching. It’s pretty huge. It’s pretty massive, actually, in retrospect. It’s pretty big. And it does involve Jeremy."

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.