Pregnant Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Dish on Getting Ready for Their Baby Boy (Exclusive)

The expectant parents also gushed over their 2-year-old daughter Luna while on the red carpet at City Harvest's 35th Annual Gala in New York City on Tuesday.

As Chrissy Teigen and John Legend get ready to welcome their second child, the sweet couple said they aren't worried about having to buy a whole bunch of new toys, because their baby boy is just going to get his big sister Luna's "hand-me-downs."

ET caught up with the expectant parents at City Harvest's 35th Anniversary Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City on Tuesday, and they opened up about getting their nursery ready before their son arrives in June.

"Were kind of just using Luna's old things," joked Teigen. "It will be fine."

The pair also gushed over little Luna -- who just turned 2 earlier this month -- and some of the cutest things she's started doing as she's gotten older.

"Her carrying multiple purses is pretty cute," Legend shared.

"Oh yeah! She got a lot of purses for her second birthday and she can't decide which one is her favorite," Teigen explained.

"So she walks around with all of them," Legend said.

"She's like a complete bag lady," Teigen added.

As for Luna gearing up to be a big sister, the couple said she "still has zero clue" about what it means for them to be having another kid, because she's still essentially a baby herself.

"She knows just as much as she knew eight months ago, which is nothing," Teigen said. "So it's going to be a surprise."

"She knows to call it a 'baby,' but I don't know if she [can] clarify what that really means to her yet," Legend added.

The couple enjoyed a fun night out together at the anniversary gala for City Harvest -- a New York-based nonprofit organization dedicated to food rescue, distribution and education -- where Teigen was honored for being "the heart of the city."

"This is big for me because," Teigen explained. "Obviously, food is my complete heart and soul."

Check out the video below for more from Teigen and Legend about their upcoming bundle of joy.