Pregnant Christina Perri Says Her Baby Will Have to Have Surgery Immediately After Birth

Christina Perri
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The singer was hospitalized earlier this week, but has since been released.

Christina Perri is home from the hospital, but not out of the woods just yet. After sharing that she'd been hospitalized due to a pregnancy complication early this week, the 34-year-old singer once again took to her Instagram Story to reveal that she's home.

"I slept, finally, and just had a nice little morning with Carmella," she said of her 2-year-old daughter with husband Paul Costabile. "I'm feeling really grateful that I got to come last night and that I got to come home with a baby inside for a little bit longer."

After expressing gratitude for the thoughts and prayers sent her way, saying they gave her "a lot of hope in a moment where I was feeling kind of hopeless," Perri said that her unborn child's health scare "isn't over."

"There's a lot more that we have to be cautious of. Baby could come at any moment," she said. "Basically there's a complication with the baby's intestines. The baby right now is scheduled to have an operation when they arrive. We'll spend some time in the hospital."

Perri encouraged her followers to share stories of their or a loved one's time in the NICU ahead of her baby's arrival, stating that doing so would "be really helpful" for her family.

"We're going to prepare for [the NICU], but anything could happen," she said. "We're just gonna stay really hopeful. I guess the biggest thing is we hope the baby stays inside and can get as big as possible before this big event they have to go through. It's just a couple more weeks, so I'm gonna try to take it easy and hope for the best."

She concluded her message by once again thanking fans for their support, asking them to continue sending well wishes her way, and expressing confidence in her doctors.

"All this stuff I just think really, really helps and works. So if you want to keep baby in your thoughts longer, we obviously will be hoping that everything just goes the best it could for the situation that we're in," she said. "Moving forward, we're just gonna really cherish each moment. Before baby comes I have a little bit more time to prepare and, obviously, also learn about the situation that we're in."

"I feel like we have the best doctors and the best team and everybody is just being beyond amazing," Perri added. "We have a couple crazy months coming up now and I think with the support, obviously of our friends and family, who we love so much, but your support from all over the world has just made this feel a lot better. I'm just so grateful and we'll keep you guys posted."