Pregnant Heidi Montag Flaunts Bare Baby Bump During Ultra Glam Maternity Photo Shoot

The reality star is expecting her second child, a boy, on Dec. 1.

Heidi Montag is going full glam for her ultra-luxe maternity photo shoot. The second-time mama-to-be showed off her glowing baby bump in a behind the scenes video shared to social media. 

In the clip, set to a remix of Sting's "Desert Rose," Montag poses in front of an oversized backdrop of pink roses while laying on a chaise lounge. Wearing a pink bra and undies while cradling her belly, she's surrounded by a dramatic, flowing robe made of pink tulle. 

In her caption, Montag thanked photographer Oxana Alex for "capturing this moment of time, embracing the beauty and transformation during pregnancy." 

Montag is due on Dec. 1 with her second child, a baby boy. 

ET was with Montag, husband Spencer Pratt, and the couple's 4-year-old son, Gunner, last month for their sweet gender reveal and an open, emotional conversation about the struggles they faced when trying to conceive. 

"I felt responsible," the pregnant star said. "I felt like it was, like, my fault... It was really hard to feel like you want something so bad and it's just not possible... There's nothing else I could have done."

Montag elaborated, "I felt like I was older. I felt a little bit maybe broken down with it. I just felt like maybe I missed an opportunity, maybe I made a bad choice."

While she called the experience "one of the biggest challenges" she's been through, the star made it clear she had not lost sight of all that she already had. "I know I'm so blessed and I'm healthy and I have a beautiful son, so I don't wanna sound ungrateful at all because I am so grateful for everything that I have," she said. "At the same time, I was just hoping to have one more chance to be a mom to a little baby and to have that opportunity for my son to experience having a sibling."

Now, she's even more focused on cherishing the experience since it will likely be her last time expecting. 

"I need to remember to just slow down, enjoy the time because this might be my last pregnancy -- it most likely will -- so I'm just trying to enjoy it as much as I can and soak it up and remind myself," she said. "But the feelings are coming back and I personally love being pregnant. I think it's one of the most incredible experiences. It's such a miracle. It's such a blessing and so, I just wanna really embrace it."

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