Prince Harry Shares Adorable ‘Cheeky’ Moment With Meghan Markle in Wales: Exclusive Details!

The couple visited many locations in Wales on Thursday and ET spoke with several people at the events.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their second public appearance of the New Year on Thursday, this time traveling to Wales. The trip marked Meghan’s first time in that part of the United Kingdom and she was a big hit.

After arriving late to Cardiff Castle due to a delayed train, the pair then visited Star Hub, a sports leisure center that works with local children to get them active and involved.

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ET spoke with several staff members at Star Hub immediately following the highly anticipated visit, and it was clear that it was a success.

“As soon as they walked in the door, the kids were mesmerized,” Center Assistant Dean Maynard tells ET. “A lot of the kids, it takes them quite a bit to actually get involved and interact with other people, so to see them all really smiling and happy and involved, that was a nice feeling for me, personally.”

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As Harry and Meghan toured the facility, they watched some table tennis, played a bit of Jenga and watched a dance performance from a group of children aged five to 11. It was there that the couple really had some fun.

“There’s one boy in the group and he actually said to Harry, ‘Are you two married?’ And he responded cheekily, ‘Oh, I see what you’re doing there!’” Junior Dance Teacher Kayleigh Forster tells ET. “Everyone laughed. There was another little girl, she gave Meghan a bouquet of flowers and really politely said, ‘This is for you, Ms. Markle.’ And then there was a little girl that said, ‘I’m going to be dancing at your wedding!’ So yeah, they all got to say their little bits, completely natural, stuff that kids would say.”

Harry had a bit of fun of his own, playing a prank on his bride-to-be. Kayleigh described the couple as “very relaxed,” adding, “At one point Harry did say, ‘One, two, three, I want you all to hug Meghan!’ So all the kids just kind of ran to Meghan. I thought she was going to fall over for a second, but she didn’t. It was kind of cheeky of him, but really quite cute. You could see the cheekiness there with the both of them.”

After all the kids had clung to Meghan, Harry ushered them off, proudly declaring, “She’s mine!”

At her third public event representing the British royal family, Meghan seemed to handle herself like a pro.

“She was incredible,” Dean said of the soon-to-be royal. “She was very, very friendly and easy to approach. She was really getting involved. She wasn’t shying back away from anything. She was really interacting with the kids. Both of them were interacting a lot with the kids.”

For more on Harry and Meghan, watch the clip below!


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