Prince Harry's Family Is 'Disappointed' They Won't Be Seeing Baby Archie This Holiday Season

The royal family is missing baby Archie, especially in the coming months.

The royal family is missing baby Archie, especially in the coming months.

ET has learned from a source close to 36-year-old Prince Harry and 39-year-old Meghan Markle that it is "fully anticipated that [the couple] will be at home in California and not be in the U.K. for Christmas." A source tells ET that members of the royal family are "disappointed" that they won't be seeing 1-year-old Archie this holiday season.

Harry and Meghan "have not finalized any specific plans yet for the holiday period," the source also says.

A source told ET in October that the couple had gotten closer to Harry's family during the coronavirus pandemic. Amid tabloid reports about continued drama among the royal family, the source said that the reports were exaggerated.

"A lot of the family-specific drama that the tabloids are focused on, it's not as fractured as the tabloids would like it to seem," the source said. "The pandemic has brought the family closer together."

Later that month, a source told ET that despite reports that Harry planned to fly to his home country of England before the end of the year, the couple was "not returning anytime soon." However, the source said plans could change depending on circumstances.

"Things can obviously change, if there's a concern about family health, but they are not hopping over the pond anytime imminently," the source said, adding that the royals are adhering to "social isolation guidelines" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, ET learned that Harry's older brother, Prince William, actually contracted the coronavirus back in April but kept it private. A source tells ET that 38-year-old William had "fairly significant symptoms."

For more on the brothers' rocky relationship in recent years, watch the video below.


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