Prince Jackson on Working With Brother Bigi on YouTube Show & Following His Passion (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the 22-year-old at his and Heal LA Foundation's 3rd annual 'Thriller Night' costume party.

Prince Jackson has many hopes for the future.

ET caught up with the late Michael Jackson's eldest son at The Heal LA Foundation's 3rd annual "Thriller Night" Costume Party at the Jackson family home in Encino, California, where he opened up about giving back, working with younger brother Blanket "Bigi" Jackson, and figuring out where he fits into the entertainment industry.

"I feel like the world is my oyster. I have so many opportunities," Prince -- dressed as National Lampoon's Clark Griswold -- told ET. "I feel like my time is best devoted to the non-profit right now because that's where my passion lies and that's where I feel I will get the most out of my life." Prince co-founded Heal Los Angeles, which aims to end child hunger, homelessness and abuse.

"I still have a creative bug and figuring out how I'm fitting into the entertainment industry," the recent college graduate continued. "I really have a few projects that I'm working on, but I want to make sure they are solidified before I talk about them. But definitely excited to see what the future holds for me. It's somewhere in the entertainment, with the philanthropic side of it, for sure."

Earlier this year, Prince and Bigi, along with cousin Taj Jackson, created a YouTube show where they review movies. The 22-year-old couldn't help praise his brother's film knowledge, crediting their late father for championing their passions. 

"My brother has a really unique talent to be able to tell you, even a movie he hasn't seen, he'll tell you what year it came out. He knows the director, the staff, the crew, everybody behind it that you wouldn't know," Prince explained. "He really thinks and studies about film in a different way that you would notice and that comes with his upbringing with my dad encouraging him to study film. We had a film teacher at a very young age. So it was really his idea and he was championing behind it. I feel like I have an outgoing personality that kind of lightens the mood a little bit and then Taj is a fantastic mediator, where we balance each other all out."

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Prince added that the trio is "really happy" with the response they got from their YouTube show, and hope to expand it soon. 

"We really tried to bring, and furnish, an intellectual conversation based around an artistic form of expression, which is film. But at the same time, we want to make it family friendly and an enjoyable experience," he shared. "We would like to see it grow and get bigger. Throw maybe some more edits in there, get a little fancier with our production and then hopefully move to a full-blown stage, who knows, maybe an audience. We're not saying no to anything right now."

Meanwhile, also on hand to celebrate Prince was Paris Jackson, who dressed up as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn.

"I’m sooooo proud of you big brother @princejackson. i know i say it all the f**kin’ time but your way with words, the grace, eloquence, and composure is out of this world and always blows me away," Paris later wrote on Instagram alongside a pic from the event. "You’ve got such a great head on your shoulders and are doing some really f**king amazing things. you’ve always been my idol and role model and even more so as each day goes on. i love you with all of my heart. happy halloween everyone!! xxo -radagast and Gandalf."

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Prince, meanwhile, has a lot of great things to look forwards to with his Heal LA.

"I wanted to start this charity to make a difference in my hometown, a city that I love so much. And I feel that, not to say that there's problems with it, but, there are opportunities for us to make a difference within our communities," Prince expressed. "For 2020, we are very excited about our first program, which is a better eating habits/cooking class for the neighborhoods that need it. We're partnering with Common Threads, and that's a big thing for us, as well as we're going to start financing our scholarship because we want to encourage the youth of LA to pursue a secondary education and to always have that drive to learn."

For more on Prince, watch below.

Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.



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