Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy Fallon Take 'Hot Ones' Challenge With Insanely Spicy Chicken Wings

Jimmy Fallon and Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Jimmy Fallon put their taste buds in real jeopardy for a hilariously spicy segment on Thursday's Tonight Show.

Taking a cue from the hit YouTube interview series "Hot Ones," Priyanka and Jimmy were joined by the web show's host, Sean Evans, who grilled the pair as they ate progressively hotter and hotter chicken wings, amazingly, of their own volition.

As Jimmy introduced the segment, Priyanka said she already know all about it, seeing as how Nick Jonas -- and his brothers, Joe and Kevin -- sat down with Sean for their own episode of "Hot Ones"back in May.

When asked if she'd ever seen the show, Priyanka nodded and said she had. "He almost killed my husband," she said of the show's wonderfully diabolical host.

However, after chowing down on a few of the less-insanely-hot chicken wings, the actress admitted that she was the one who essentially goaded him into going on the show in the first place.

"I did tell him that he needs to do this for the Indians. Now that he's married to my entire country, he needs to bring it home for us. So he really tried to get it," she recalled. "But after your show, it was a long conversation -- and a brutal three days."

While the segment was significantly shorter than a full episode of "Hot Ones," both Jimmy and Priyanka began to totally melt down by the time they got to the final wing, with "The Last Dab" hot sauce. As the pair were crying, and their hands shaking, they had a hard time keeping it together.

When Sean finally asked a thoroughly broken and defeated Jimmy to do one of his famous musical impressions, the typically affable and animated host could barely eek out a bit of "Staying Alive" as Barry Gibb.

"I can't even talk!" Priyanka declared, in utter agony, and with a better understanding of what her husband went through when he made the same terrible decision to volunteer for this inhuman torture earlier this year.


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