'Promised Land': ABC's New Latinx Family Series Brings the Drama and the Wine (Exclusive)

The show gives off 'Succession' vibes but with wine and an outstanding Latinx cast.

Promised Land brings the family drama and the wine.

ABC's new upcoming series follows the Sandoval family, a successful and wealthy Latinx family vying for power and wealth. ET has your first look at the series, starring John Ortiz as patriarch Joe Sandoval, Cecilia Suárez as Joe's second wife, Lettie Sandoval, and Bellamy Young as Joe's first wife, Margaret Honeycroft.

"You have a beautiful family drama about some children that just want their daddy to love them, but they would also love to take his winery from him," Young teases in the exclusive featurette above. "I play Joe's first wife. We fell in love, we had a family… Then he stole the winery out from under me and now I'm back to take it over."

Joe and Margaret's three children are portrayed by Tonatiuh as Antonio, Christina Ochoa as Veronica and Mariel Molino as Carmen. The show gives off Succession vibes, but with a Latinx twist and plenty of wine.

With drama, backstabbing, sex, secrets and touching on the American dream, it has it all.

Promised Land is written and executive produced by Matt Lopez and is inspired by his family. The series marks ABC's first network drama ever starring an all-Latinx cast.

Promised Land premieres Jan. 24 on ABC.