Pussycat Dolls' Kaya Jones Says She Was Pressured to Have an Abortion While in Group

Kaya Jones
David Becker/Getty Images

The singer claimed that she was pressured to have the procedure while in the girl group.

Kaya Jones is opening up about her time in Pussycat Dolls. During an appearance on Fox Nation's Tucker Carlson Today, the 38-year-old singer claimed that she "was told to get rid of" a pregnancy while in the girl group.

ET has reached out to founding member Robin Antin, as well as other former members of the group, for comment on Jones' claims. 

"A majority of the women do not have children. I mean, that's the pressures and the forcing abortions. And, you know, you're fired if you're pregnant," Jones claimed, adding that "the powers that be" can "do that."

Jones, who had an abortion at age 16, said she was 19 at the time of the alleged incident.

"That was a poor choice then," Jones said of her first abortion. "Now, being in the height of this position and my job and really not wanting to lose my job, I was told… and so I went and got rid of it in-between rehearsals."

Later, Jones said that during a performance she felt that she was "hemorrhaging," noting that "in real-time" she was "still losing my child and being told how fat I am."

The alleged weight and pregnancy restrictions, Jones claimed, were enacted "to control you."

When Carlson remarked that Jones' account seemed "like slavery," the singer alluded to her 2017 allegations, in which she claimed that Pussycat Dolls was "a prostitution ring." Antin denied those claims at the time, calling them "disgusting, ridiculous lies."

"That's why I used words like trafficked or prostitution ring -- Not because we were actually one, but because it felt like that," Jones said in response to Carlson's comment. "It felt like we were slaves to… the evil that runs this planet. You know, I don't think it's a group of people, per se. I think evil runs rampant when we don't do anything about it. And as Christians, we need to do something about it."