Queen Elizabeth Is Video Chatting With Family Members and 'Is on the Mend,' Source Says

The 95-year-old British monarch is recovering from COVID.

Queen Elizabeth II is "on the mend," a source tells ET. After testing positive for COVID last month, the 95-year-old British monarch had postponed several virtual events, but she was back to her regular duties on Tuesday

The source tells ET that in addition to her light duties, the queen has also been "Zooming with family members" from her apartment in Windsor Castle, while recovering from the coronavirus. 

Her Majesty had a sore throat and was "a bit croaky" with cold-like symptoms but is doing better, ET has learned.

She also postponed a diplomatic reception planned to take place at Windsor Castle on Wednesday due to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. 

In addition to Zooming with family members, the queen also got to see some in person over the week, according to the Daily Mail. On Sunday, she met with her grandson, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton, and their three children -- Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis -- outdoors at Frogmore on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Her granddaughter, Princess Beatrice, was also there with her 5-month-old daughter, Sienna. 

Prior to Elizabeth's diagnosis, her son, Prince Charles, had tested positive for COVID, but has since returned to his official duties while following government guidelines.