Queen Elizabeth Pays Tribute to Prince Philip on 1-Year Anniversary of His Death

The Duke of Edinburgh died of old age at 99 in 2021.

Queen Elizabeth II is paying tribute to her late husband Prince Philip on the 1-year anniversary of his death.

Her Royal Highness' official Twitter account posted a touching message Saturday dedicated to the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last year at 99 from old age. The social media post included the poem "The Patriarchs -- An Elegy" by Simon Armitage.

The poem read in part, "The weather in the window this morning is snow, unseasonal singular flakes, a slow winter's shiver. On such an occasion to presume to eulogise one man is to pipe up for a whole generation -- that crew whose survival was always the stuff of minor miracle, who came ashore in orange-crate coracles, fought ingenious wars, finagled triumphs at sea with flaming decoy boats, an sidestepped torpedoes."

The poem continued. "Husband to duty, they unrolled their plans across billiard tables and vehicle bonnets, regrouped at breakfast. What their secrets were was everyone's guess and nobody's business. Great-grandfathers from birth, in time they became both inner core and outer case in a family heirloom of nesting dolls."

The post also featured a video paying homage to Prince Philip.

"Remembering His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh on the first anniversary of his death," read the tweet, which also shared a link to the royal's website that chronicled Philip's life.

Philip died on April 9 at his home in Windsor Castle at age 99, and according to a statement released by the palace, he "passed away peacefully."

The Daily Telegraph reported that Philip's death certificate was certified by Sir Huw Thomas, Head of the Medical Household and Physician to the Queen, and it listed the cause of death as "old age."

The determination of "old age" is reportedly an accepted cause of death in England for people over the age of 80 who have also received medical care from the same physician over a long period of time, with no other significant factors leading to their demise.

Queen Elizabeth has previously paid tribute to Philip, from wearing the sapphire chrysanthemum brooch last Christmas that she wore for a photocall on her honeymoon in 1947 to using his cane at an official royal event.