'Queer Eye' Alum Carson Kressley Clarifies His Remarks About the Netflix Reboot

Carson Kressley
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Carson Kressley is setting the record straight after seemingly throwing a little shade at the new Queer Eye.

In an interview with Variety earlier this week, Kressley -- Queer Eye for the Straight Guys' original fashion expert -- implied that the original series was unprecedented during its run, while also downplaying the importance of the Netflix revival's four Emmy nominations.

“I’m thrilled that they’re nominated, but it was a little more groundbreaking back when we won an Emmy in 2004,” Kressley, 48, said of the original show's win in 2004 and nomination in 2005.

On Wednesday, Kressley clarified his comments in a statement to People.

“I loved being a part of the original Queer Eye, and I love the reboot. When I said the original was more groundbreaking it only meant that the original aired in an era when there was far less representation of gay people on television,” he explained. “We have come a long way and I am very proud to have passed the torch to the wonderful and talented new cast."

Kressley is currently on VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race, which is also nominated for an Emmy this year. ET's Brice Sander spoke with the reality star at the 70th Emmy Awards cocktail reception, sponsored by Sterling Vineyards, at NeueHouse Hollywood on Monday, and he opened up what an honor it is to be part of another acclaimed show. 

"[RuPaul's Drag Race] is such a show that comes from a place of joy and lifting people up and having a great time and embracing people who are often times marginalized, or have been in the shadows, who now have this great platform," he gushed. "So, we’re already having a great time, the show’s already been really successful, the Emmy would just be a nice thing to have."

As for where he keeps his Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Emmy, Kressley dished, "I have it right next to my vodka collection and it’s a nice thing to have."

Back in February, ET caught up with the new Fab Five -- Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness -- who only had lovely things to say about the first show and its stars.

"That show, it was so important for me. Like, being on a river in, like, the middle of America to see that show... it was really important," said 31-year-old Van Ness, the Queer Eye fashion expert. "It's definitely big shoes to step into because any time you're coming back into something... this was such a beloved show and... it's just such big shoes to fill."

He continued, "The original Fab have been so gracious and me and Carson were chatting last night a little bit on Instagram. It's just really nice to have them be open."

Brown, 37, also expressed his gratitude for the original cast members, before insisting that the new iteration of the show is its own thing.

"I say we walk the path that the original Fab Five created, but in our own shoes and in our own way, which is pretty amazing. Because no one is going to look at the original Fab Five and then look at us and say, 'Oh, they're trying to make him this person. They're trying to make him this person,'" Brown, the show's culture expert, explained. "We are unique. We are individuals. We all bring something new and fresh. And I think that's why this is going to resonate with people around the world in such an amazing way."

Queer Eye is coming up on its third season, which is to premiere sometime next year on Netflix. 

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