'Queer Eye:' The Fab Five Open Up on 'Emotional' Fan Mail and Dream Guest Experts (Exclusive)

The cast of Netflix's hit show sat down with ET and revealed how their lives have changed since starring in the rebooted series.

With the popularity of Netflix's reboot Queer Eye, the show's new Fab Five have been getting a whole lot of love from fans and followers in a way that has noticeably changed their lives.

ET's Courtney Tezeno recently sat down with the stars of the hit reality makeover show -- Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski  -- and they opened up about the success of the influential series.

"Walking places in New York is different," Van Ness said, adding that he's had to get better at "Getting strangers to walk with me really quickly and take a selfie while walking because I am chronically late."

For Brown, one of the most interesting things he's noticed has been getting attention from celebrities they've all been fans of for years.

"It's also been crazy that people that we admired and loved so much have now become fans of ours," Brown shared. "I feel even awkward saying fans, you know what I mean? But they love the show."

The guys are also receiving a ton of fan mail -- or fan DMs, as Berk explained. 

"I get pictures of rooms. 'What color should I paint my room or what wallpaper should I use? What rug should I do?' You know, Tan gets fashion questions all day long, so a lot of our fan mail is asking for advice," Berk shared.

"[And] the fan art is just out of this world," Brown added. "We get people drawing pictures of us which sometimes you get a little emotional because you're like, 'Wow you took the time out of your day to draw a photo of me or the five of us.' And it's just really beautiful."

Given the overwhelmingly positive response to the reboot's first season, Netflix is bringing the series back for a second season, and the stars say fans can expect a lot from the upcoming episodes, including "more diversity."

"We have women. We have amazing women. We have an amazing trans man we get to work with," Van Ness said of the people whom the Fab Five help out during the show's upcoming season.

"And you get to know us a little more as well," France added. "It takes a deeper dive into who we all are also."

"You get to see our little quirks as well," Porowski chimed in. "It's fun."

While they look out onto possible future seasons of the show, the Fab Five are also thinking about potential celebrity guest stars who could come on as advisors or guest experts. And one star who stands out, especially for Brown, is Chrissy Teigen.

"She can cook, she's a mom, she's inspirational," Brown said. "[Her] style is always on point."

Fans will have to wait and see exactly what the Fab Five have in store for the show's second season when it debuts on Netflix on June 15.