Rachel Bilson Says She'd Do a Reboot of ‘The O.C.’ -- But the Revival Would Never Work (Exclusive)

The teen drama premiered 15 years ago this year.

Don’t hold your breath, O.C. fans!

Despite the current TV landscape of endless reboots and revivals, actress Rachel Bilson isn't holding out much hope for her beloved teenage drama, The O.C., returning to the small screen.

The California-based show premiered 15 years ago this year, but the series -- which co-starred Bilson, Ben McKenzie, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan and more -- doesn’t have any plans to make it back to the screen.

“I mean, I would do it,” Bilson, 36, told ET at an event for her upcoming ABC series, Take Two. “I’ll tell you about three people that wouldn’t do it – five people? Six people? Eight people, let’s be honest.”

She joked that any reboot would have to be “Summer Time in the O.C.” after her character, Summer Roberts.

Bilson joked that she barely remembers what happened to her yesterday, but said of first stepping on the show’s set, “It was pretty crazy. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect. I think we kind of felt like, ‘Oh, this could be a special thing,’” adding, “It was a weird time, but it was a lot of fun.”

In her new series, Bilson plays Sam Swift, a TV star from a hit cop show who is trying to restore her image. The role has some Summer-esque vibes.

“Summer was so long ago that I don’t really remember what she’s like,” Bilson admitted. “She was a lot younger, but I think you always bring a part of yourself to a character, so I think there’s definite elements of that for sure.”

Take Two premieres June 21 on ABC.

For more from the new series, watch the clip below!