Rachel Brosnahan Shares Her Secret to Holiday Hosting

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There's nothing like celebrating the holidays in New York City for Rachel Brosnahan. 

"Everybody comes together with friends and family for at least a second," she told ET's Katie Krause of why she loves spending the season in the city so much. 

"I do love to host," the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star added. "But I find it a little bit stressful, especially because the last couple of years have been busy. I often don't have a ton of time to get everything ready to prep." 

Luckily for Brosnahan, however, she's found the perfect way to make holiday hosting a little simpler. She's partnered with American Express to host a holiday dinner in celebration of the Cash Magnet Card. "The card helps keep it super simple, so you get 1.5 percent cash back on everything: ingredients, decorations and more -- very important!" she insisted.

The card helps the actress be the best host she can be -- which she admitted is a little different from her Mrs. Maisel character, Midge. 

"Midge gets a great sense of joy and purpose from presenting -- presenting herself, presenting her world, presenting dinner, it's something that makes her feel powerful. She loves getting into every minute detail," Brosnahan explained. "I like to keep things a little bit more low-key, but you know, I throw a good party too, I think!"

"I'm less of a cook and more of a chatter... but I do have one super simple recipe. It is my go-to for everything. It's the top secret Brosnahan family recipe called a cheese mound. It's so, so, so easy," she said.

Fans can find Brosnahan's recipe at americanexpress.com/holidayhosting, as well as others "to make your gathering feel particularly fancy [and] adult in a really, really simple way," she promised. 

And it's not just the brunette beauty's dinner guests the actress splurges on during the holidays -- it's her two dogs too!

"They really appreciate it," she gushed. "I like to get them soft blankets and beds and extra toys during the holidays!"