Rachel Lindsay, Kaitlyn Bristowe and More in Bachelor Nation React to Taylor Nolan's 'Shocking' Tweets

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Kaitlyn Bristowe and Rachel Lindsay are weighing in on Taylor Nolan's resurfaced tweets. The Bachelorette stars opened up in recent days about the comments, which have drawn heat to Nolan.

“Here we go again, with yet another human being having resurfaced tweets," Bristowe said in a video posted to her Instagram stories, in which she opened up about why it took her some time to address Nolan's controversial comments.

"It really, truly just made me sick to my stomach to see,” Bristowe continued, adding that the resurfaced tweets "really bothered me."

Nolan was hit with backlash after past tweets, which were posted in 2011 and 2012, began making the rounds. The tweets in question were offensive to the LGBTQ, Asian, Jewish, Indian and Chinese communities, as well as fat phobic. 

Meanwhile, Lindsay addressed the tweets during a recent episode of her Higher Learning podcast, sharing that she was truly surprised by the nearly decade-old remarks.

"[She's been] very outspoken about all the inequalities and injustices within the franchise. She has been a leading voice for anti-racism,” Lindsay reflected. "At first I was like, 'Is this real?’ … I have the same energy with Taylor that I do with anybody who does something that's wrong. I said the same thing with Chris Harrison, even though that message seems to be getting lost... You're never going to hear me say cancel this person, this person is done. ... What you'll hear me say is you've got to hold that person accountable."

"So I have that same thing with Taylor. What she did was wrong. It was terrible. It was shocking. It was disgusting. She should be held accountable for that," Lindsay continued, adding that she also doesn't feel that Nolan is the same person she was when she posted those remarks.

Lindsay herself has been the target of bullying and harassment in recent weeks following her interview with Bachelor host Chris Harrison in which the longtime host made controversial remarks defending contestant Rachael Kirkconnell against racism allegations. The controversy has since led to Harrison stepping back as host of the franchise.

Nolan, meanwhile, addressed the resurfaced tweets in a 30-minute long video posted Monday, in which she admitted that the tweets were "not surprising" to her because she's "incredibly aware" of the "highly problematic, highly hurtful" things she's said in the past.

"How do you think I got to doing the work that I do today?" said Nolan, who's a mental health counselor, as well as one of the most outspoken proponents against racism in the Bachelor franchise, including recent controversies involving Kirkconnell and Harrison.

Nolan, who is biracial, said that her tweets were in response to how much she "hated" herself, "from the time I was in sixth grade to...to the time I was about to graduate from graduate school."

The self-hatred Nolan felt was a result of the "racism" she'd experienced from the "white supremacy" she was raised in, she said.

"I thought, 'If I am in with these [white] people, they're not going to hurt me,' which is flawed, which is incredibly flawed," she said. "These were beliefs in my tweets that had been echoed by the whiteness around me that was reinforced."

Nolan said that her own experiences with "racism on the reg" led her to lash "out at other people of color."

"I said f**ked up s**t," she admitted. "It wasn't OK then. It still isn't OK now."

A number of other former Bachelor Nation stars weighed in on social media.

 Watch the video below for more on the Bachelor franchise's recent controversies.


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