Rachel Lindsay Shuts Down Rumors of a Trio 'Bachelorette' Wedding (Exclusive)

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Rachel Lindsay will be doing her own wedding, her own way.

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with the Lindsay during Wedspire's Wedspiration 2018 event in Los Angeles, on Saturday, where she shut down rumors of a triple Bachelorette wedding starring herself, JoJo Fletcher and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

"I'm not a diva, but it's my special day," Lindsay said. "I've never been married before, and I don't plan on having a wedding with multiple people."

"Love Kaitlyn, love JoJo, but I think we would all want our separate day so I think that's just a rumor," she added.

Lindsay may not want a mass wedding with her fellow Bachelorette alums, but she's not totally against having cameras there either.

"I mean we're still figuring things out, if that's what we're gonna do, if that's gonna work," the 32-year-old lawyer said. 

Although one important guest may not be on board for a television event!

"Remember, I want my dad to be there and my dad isn't too hip on being televised," she explained.

With the wedding rumors swirling, and her attendance at a bridal expo, The Bachelorette star is in full blown wedding mode

"I do have wedding fever," she admitted, echoing comments she made on her Instagram. "I mean, I never was the girl who planned her 'perfect' wedding, but when you have, like, the perfect guy for you, you kind of get the fever to plan the perfect wedding."

But there's just a few details that still need to be worked out.

"We still don't have a date, but I wanna get married this year!" she said. "And so I'm itching at this point, and I'm putting my hands on anything that has to do with the wedding."

"I haven't started trying on dresses but that's coming soon too!" she continued.

Lindsay's no bridezilla though, and is looking for ways to incorporate fiance Bryan Abasolo's Colombian heritage into the ceremony.

"We're thinking maybe on the water in Cartagena [Colombia] and having you know, just like a nice beach, cultural wedding where his family can come from Colombia, mine can come," she mused. 

"It will be something different!" she added. "If the wedding's not there, the Bachelorette party is!"

For more on Lindsay, watch the video below!


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