Raquel Welch Dead at 82: Inside the Hollywood Bombshell's Four Marriages

Raquel Welch
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The Golden Globe-winning actress died Wednesday at the age of 82 following a brief illness.

Raquel Welch, the Golden Globe-winning actress and Bonafide bombshell, died Wednesday at the age of 82 following a brief illness. While her roles, including One Million [Years], B.C., Fantastic VoyageThe Three Musketeers and more made her an icon on screen over the last 50 years, her love life helped cement her bombshell status as well. 

In the wake of her death, ET is taking a look back at her four marriages to James Welch, Patrick Curtis, André Weinfeld and Richard Palmer. None of Raquel's relationships worked out in the long run, but it was something she had made peace with in the latter years of her life.

"I’m too set in my ways," she told Piers Morgan on his Life Stories show in 2015 about why she hadn't found lasting love. "I like what I do, I actually enjoy being me, and I make a very good living at it, and I’m happy. I don’t have to have a man."

Keep reading for a full breakdown of Raquel's romantic history.

James Welch

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James Welch and Raquel were high school sweethearts. They tied the knot in 1959 in Las Vegas, shortly after high school. The marriage went against her father's wishes, with Raquel recalling the defiant union in her 2010 memoir Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage.

"By marrying Jim, I was doing something for my own personal satisfaction and pretty much in defiance of my father’s wishes," she explained. "What I didn’t anticipate was how a series of events would dovetail together and forever complicate my life. Jim and I were just settling into an apartment together and tackling the realities of married life: he was looking for a job, and I was calling my mother ten times a day for recipes and tips on cleaning products."