Rashida Jones Reveals She's Not Legally Married to Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig

Rashida Jones set the record straight about her marriage in a new interview with 'The New Yorker.'

Rashida Jones is setting the record straight about the nature of her relationship with Vampire Weekend singer Ezra Koenig.

In a new interview with The New Yorker, the 48-year-old actress is asked when she got married because it seemed as though news of her nuptials seriously flew under the radar. Koenig had previously referred to the daughter of music legend Quincy Jones and the late actress-model Peggy Lipton as his wife, leading many to believe they secretly tied the knot.

But tie the knot they did not.

"Oh, we're not married. We just kind of call each other that," she explains. "But we are what we are, in the eyes of God!"

Koenig, 40, gave an eerily similar answer in an April interview with People, after he referred to the actress as his wife. When asked to confirm if they indeed got married, the singer responded that they are "married in the eyes of God."

Jones, who shares 5-year-old son Isaiah with Koenig, added she is not opposed to legally tying the knot at some point, much like her parents did six months after her sister, Kidada, was born.

Rashida Jones and Ezra Koenig attend a party on Feb. 4, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. - Getty

"My parents only got married when my dad had his first brain aneurysm and my sister was six months old, because of rights stuff," she continues. "I'm sure we'll get married at some point, but we basically are."

That being said, Jones is embracing the role of being a "wife," after she was asked if she embraces the role of "the rock-star girlfriend."

"Like, vintage fur coats and bus life? No. Too old for bus life. But I'm extremely proud," she says. "He takes a very long time to make his albums, which is so lucky for me, because it means he's home a lot of the time. This is our second tour cycle really, so we'll see how far I go with rock wife."