Regé-Jean Page Reacts to 'Gray Man' Directors Saying He Made Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans 'Nervous'

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Regé-Jean Page is part of quite the star-studded cast with his latest project. ET's Lauren Zima spoke with the 34-year-old actor at the premiere of Netflix's The Gray Man on Wednesday, and he reacted to the Russo brothers, who directed the film, telling ET that his casting made his A-list co-stars, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, nervous.

"Who am I to go against the Russo brothers, man?" Page quipped. "They've seen it all. I mean, I'll take that all day long. There's very little I can add to that."

Page did add one thing, though, telling ET, "The intimidation is mutual, all right? I'm standing here going, 'I'm terrified to share a screen with these guys, but also encouraged and inspired.' It's a privilege to be in their vicinity."

Page's comments came the day after Joe Russo told ET about Page's star power and how the actor's co-stars felt about it.

"This guy is a movie star. This is like they created a mold for movie stars... We met Regé in person, he is 10 times more charismatic in person than he is onscreen," Russo told ET of his and brother Anthony Russo's meeting with Page. "I know it’s hard to believe. We had a blast working with him on this movie."

"I think Ryan and Chris were a little nervous when we cast Regé," he added, noting that "it’s a lot of competition."

For his part, Gosling didn't deny being intimidated by his co-star, telling ET that Page is "very cool."

As for his Gray Man role, Page told ET that the villainous CIA chief Denny Carmichael "thinks he's incredibly charming."

"I think that's part of why he's so free to be so creepy," Page said. "If he can make your skin crawl with the absolute confidence that he does, that's why he's so creepy."

The movie as a whole, Page said, is "fun."

"Page one to the end, when I read this thing, I enjoyed myself. I could see the whole thing in my mind. I had no idea how the hell we were gonna pull it off, but then I remembered the Russos are writing it, and they can pull off pretty much anything you can imagine, which makes it fun again," he said. "You get on set [and] there are no limits to your imagination, no limits to what's possible, and we come out with this."

The Gray Man is out in select theaters July 15 and on Netflix July 22.


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