Ana de Armas Teases Marilyn Monroe 'Blonde' Movie and Her Chris Evans Reunion in 'The Gray Man' (Exclusive)

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Ana de Armas is giving the world an intimate look at the woman behind the infamous Marilyn Monroe persona in the upcoming film Blonde.

“Definitely not the movie people expect,” the 34-year-old actress tells ET’s Lauren Zima. “I don't know what people are expecting but this is definitely gonna be something very surprising and a more intimate take on her life and her journey as Norma Jeane and then the movie star that she became.” 

In June, the stills and teaser trailer dropped for the Netflix film, which is based on the bestselling novel by Joyce Carol Oates. In the brief clip, the Cuban beauty does a complete transformation into the late Hollywood icon as she delivers the line, “Please come. Don’t abandon me,” as a montage of de Armas recreating Monroe's iconic moments in front of the camera plays. 

De Armas admits that, unlike Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala, none of the actress’ actual clothing was used during the making of the film.  

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

“We did not use anything real,” she shares. “We got a wonderful team of tailors and seamstress and we recreated every single piece. The same as, you know, the ones she wore but we did not touch any of her real stuff.” 

Fans are going to have a chance to see another side of de Armas as she partners up with Chris Evans once again, following their work in Knives Out, for Netflix’s upcoming action flick, The Gray Man. In the CIA action flick --  directed by Joe and Anthony Russo -- the duo stars alongside Ryan Gosling and Regé-Jean Page.

“We're only back together for one scene,” de Armas says about their reunion. “Very enjoyable for me though, ‘cause I got to shoot him in the butt.” 

She adds about their peculiar on-screen interactions, “Sometimes I threw up in his face. Sometimes, I shoot him. That's the relationship we have.” 

Starring in an action film means that the level of training that was required was almost like her co-star's Marvel movie training and completely different than any work she did for her role in the James Bond film No Time to Die.  

“It was another level of training,” she tells ET. “For Bond, I barely had time to prepare for it, which went well with the character. For this one equally, what I wanted to do with this character is completely different. She has military background experience. I wanted to go through that process to feel like I knew what I was doing and feel confident.” 

ana de armas the gray man

She adds, “It was months, months of training, shooting and rehearsals with Ryan [Gosling]. And the choreography, the stunts. I mean, it was a lot of hard work and discipline, there's no way around it. You just have to learn it and put the time and the hours and show up every day. And still when you do it and you work with the second unit, which is the action unit, and then the Russos would watch it, they would not be happy with it and then you have to go back and repeat most of it, because they know what they want.” 

De Armas learned the amount of pain that goes into working with the Russo Brothers, as she overcame four cracked ribs to nail a scene.  

“They're so sure about every single bit of the movie,” she says. “And when it doesn't click, you just have to do it again. You're pissed because you're in pain and you're exhausted.”  

The Gray Man hits theaters July 15 and Netflix July 22.


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