'RHOBH' Star Erika Jayne's Hairstylist Recreates Singer's Signature Over-the-Top Look (Exclusive)


Lookin’ this good don’t come for free!

As Erika Jayne would say…it’s XXPEN$IVE. The international singer owes her gorgeous blonde look to hair master Clyde Haygood!

Clyde, known as the "Hair God” to the stars, rose to fame after appearing in Keeping Up With the Kardashians back in 2007, and has created some of Kim Kardashian West and her sisters’ most iconic looks.

This week, however, we invited Clyde, to ET’s beauty series How-To Hollywood, where he taught us how to create Erika Jayne’s signature “over-the-top” hairstyle!

Clyde tells ET that the 46-year-old reality star “likes really chunky texture,” when it comes to her hair. “Erika's texture is actually called Calamari Watson,” Clyde explains. “It's been around for several years it is just so textured that it almost looks like an octopus!”

SPOILER ALERT: Clyde reveals Erika’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 8 alter ego. “Our ultimate for this season is ‘Russian Hooker,’ which is a big side ponytail with track suits and high heels!”

Here’s a step-by-step guide on How-To achieve Erika Jayne’s mega-glam look:

Step 1: Elongate / Extend


Pro Tip: Clip on or tape extensions make it easy to recreate this look -- they are also affordable and easy to remove. Extensions help lengthen and give the illusion of having fuller set of hair. In order to achieve a super texturized look, Clyde alternates between straight piece extensions and those with a beachy wave. 

Cheat Sheet: If your hair is short and messing with extensions isn’t worth your time or money this style can still work for you as long as you’ve got a thin curling iron (around ¾ inch) and the patience to curl 1 to 2 inch sections of hair!

Step 2: Create the “Calamari Watson”


Pro Tip: The more your hair resembles octopus tentacles...the better! Also -- spray your hair with a heat protection spray prior to curling it with a hot tool and DON’T use the clamp on your curling iron.

“I like a smaller iron and I like a long barrel. Twist and wrap” the hair around the barrel of a curling iron, Clyde explains. “I don’t like any marks. I want it to have a looseness to it. Hopefully girls have learned by now, instead of big baby doll curls, the cool way to do you hair is to curl away from your face.”

Step 3: Half-Up-Half Down

Clyde pulls any hair around the face up into a tiny rubber band, allowing the hair to fall around the face and create a fun and playful effect.



“We always love a little princess crown,” Clyde says about the singer's go-to hair style. The two usually decide on Erika's look based on how she feels that day and her outfit. Clyde shares that he has an accessories case, which he calls “Candy Land," filled with fun items, including Glitzy hair jewels, bows and food-related clips.



Voilà! Now take a selfie and share a photo of your Erika Jayne-inspired recreation using the hashtag #HowToHollywood!

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