'RHOBH' Star Kim Richards Gets Emotional While Opening Up About Sobriety (Exclusive)

The 55-year-old TV personality is getting candid about her state of mind.

Kim Richards is opening up about the long and winding road that's led her to sobriety and optimism -- and helped her rekindle her relationship with sister Kyle Richards, whom she had not been on the best of terms with for some time.

ET's Brice Sander spoke with Richards at BravoCon 2019 in New York City on Friday, where she shared that she's focusing on what enriches her life rather what brings her down.

"I don't have room for anything," the 55-year-old passionately stated, speaking metaphorically. "I have complete clarity. Especially doing my spiritual work and being a Reiki practitioner, I don't have room to have anything be foggy or… It isn't even about sobriety so much as I don't want it here because it's going to interfere with what I do… There isn't room for that."

On tightening familial bonds, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said that it took burying previous grudges in order to move forward with Kyle. 

"I think Kyle was texting me and I was not having it," she said, putting her hands on her hips playfully. "And I think, just through the spirit experience, where I'm at, my open heart, my open mind, just kind of put me in a place of… I think I just wrote her and said, 'Let's put this down. Let's put this away. Life is too, it can be too short. I love you and I miss you.' And she loved and missed me."

At this point, Richards grew emotional, her voice cracking. She added: "Life is too beautiful to waste this." This frankness isn't new for Richards. She has made a point of being open and honest with fans concerning her personal struggles over the years, including her sobriety.

In April 2015, she was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel. At the time, the Beverly Hills Police Department told ET that she was belligerent and locked herself in a bathroom. Once in custody, she allegedly kicked a police officer. She was ultimately charged with public intoxication, trespassing, resisting arrest and battery of a police officer.

Afterward, Richards entered rehab for the fourth time in her life. Then in July of that year, she spoke with ET about the ordeal, stating, "I love sobriety, and I've always loved sobriety. Relapsing was very hard for me."

"My heart ached for my children," she later added. "I felt terrible and I didn't know how to tell them. I think the phone rang and it was Brooke, and I said, 'Hello,' and she said, 'Hi, so you got arrested?' I said, 'Yeah,' and she said, 'I'm just glad you're OK, Mommy. I love you.'"

Richards' ups and downs didn't end with the spring arrest. She was arrested again in August 2015 for shoplifting. Then, the next year, her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, died. She even took some time away from RHOBH to cope with her sobriety and focus on her well being, returning this year.

Check out ET's talk with Richards on Friday up above.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns for a new season in 2020.