Kim Richards Reveals She and Boyfriend of Six Years, Wynn Katz, Have Never Had Sex (Exclusive)

The former 'Real Housewives' star makes the shocking revelation on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,' airing Fridays on WE tv.

Kim Richards is spilling a not-so-sexy secret… about her sex life.

In ET’s exclusive first look at this week’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the couples take turns sitting above dunk tanks filled with eels. The show’s therapists, Dr. V and Dr. Ish, take turns asking each person to confess certain feelings about their relationship. If they don’t confess, the person will land in the eel-infested water. First up, it’s Kim Richards and her “secret boyfriend” of six years, businessman Wynn Katz.

“There’s a little part of me that wants to see Kim get dunked, because I don’t think she will be honest,” Aubrey O’Day scoffs. “Because [she and Wynn] are just not keeping it 100 with each other.”

Kim bucks Aubrey’s expectation and plays ball with the therapists, admitting to the full cast that she and Wynn have never had sex in their six years of on-and-off dating, much to their co-stars’ shock.

“I don’t know if we can be intimate with each other,” she laments, adding that her biggest fear with Wynn is that he’s not sexually attracted to her -- and Wynn makes that fear a reality by admitting that, no, he’s not sexually attracted to the former Real Housewives star.

“What Wynn said, that just made me feel terrible,” Kim admits in an interview taped after the challenge. “I don’t see a future with Wynn right now.”

The unexpected twist here is that Kim’s fear is also Wynn’s fear about their relationship.

“I feel like you’re not attracted to me,” he shares. “When I kiss you, really kiss you or touch you, I don’t feel any reaction back.”

“So, what does that mean for the future of your relationship?” Dr. V poses to the couple.

“You can’t really have a relationship, so that’s probably where we stand right now,” Kim admits.

Viewers will have to keep watching to see how things play out with Kim and Wynn, though the pair hinted to ET at the show's premiere party in August, that they’re still together.

“I love Wynn and Wynn loves me,” Kim gushed to ET. “It wasn't something I was willing to give up on, so he was worth fighting for, you know? Our kids love each other, we love each other.”

“We're still hanging in there,” Wynn shared. “Kim is a very, very funny woman. Very funny and has a great heart, she really does. She's a family woman. There are sides of her that the public doesn't really know and that's what it is, she's very family, very warm, very loving and funny. And funny is important.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.