'RHONJ' Sneak Peek: See the Lead-Up to Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin Getting Physical! (Exclusive)

Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin get physical on The Real Housewives of New Jersey

ET has your exclusive first look at the next all-new 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey.'

There's one thing The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers know for sure... or maybe it's for shore: when the ladies and their men hit the Jersey Shore, drama's going down. The group's season 12 trip is no different, as the barbecue at Jennifer Aydin's rental quickly goes off the rails.

ET's exclusive sneak peek picks up in the middle of a group discussion about how Jennifer operates within the friend circle, with Melissa Gorga calling her out for attempting to dig up information about Jackie Goldschneider's husband, Evan, and his now-debunked affair that was a major point of conversation in season 11, after Teresa Giudice brought the rumor to the women's attention. 

"Why do you want to hurt someone else?!" an exasperated Margaret Josephs asks an equally exasperated Jennifer, who professes she had no intent to hurt. 

"If she found out that Evan cheated on me, she would've shouted it for everyone to hear," Jackie remarks in a confessional. "Of course you were trying to hurt me, just like Teresa was. Be a real woman and admit it." 

"Don't defend her!" Margaret shouts at Teresa, after she jumped in to back Jennifer's claims up. "She's indefensible!!"

"Let this girl dig her own hole," Melissa echoes. "You ask for loyalty, you give loyalty back!"

Watch the back and forth play out here:

"If she asks a question about Evan, she's not digging?" Melissa goes on to ask her sister-in-law, who's put up a fight with the ladies for asking about her boyfriend (now fiancé), Louie Ruelas', past. "If someone asks about Louie, they're digging? No, facts. Let her live in her own lie, her own s**t. She did it. She's gotta f**king own it. She sounds like a little f**king hater." 

"I'm not a f**king hater!" Jennifer fires back. "I don't really give a f**k what you say." 

"You feel like a hater," Melissa repeats. "You feel like a hater. You called my husband 'a crook!'"

"Let me tell you something: I don't know anything about you," Jennifer replies. "I really don't, truth be told. Listen, I want to address the 'crooked' thing: It's f**king hearsay, and it's out there... I called him a crook because of what you said."

Jennifer owns up that she made the dig about Joe Gorga's business dealings in retaliation to Melissa posting on social media about Jennifer, calling her a "mess" among other insults. 

"You attacked me that day for no reason! It wasn't just a caption, it was a f**king novel. " Jennifer exclaims, turning to Joe. "Even he, little b***h girl, came in and commented."

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"How dare she call my husband a little b***h," Melissa scoffs in a confessional. "I would never speak that way to [Jennifer's husband] Bill. I would never speak to any of the men that way."

"I wanted to respond in a way that stung," Jennifer admits, throwing Melissa for a loop.

"What are you talking about?!" she asks, to which Jennifer screams back, "You did it first! It was retaliation!"

"That's disgusting!" Melissa shouts back, standing up to get in Jennifer's face. The two women exchange screaming insults back and forth, the argument exploding into undecipherable nonsense. The only audible phrase is Margaret interjecting with, "Let's go home!" But Jennifer and Melissa aren't listening, instead getting physical with one another. The clip cuts to black just as Dolores Catania intervenes.

"At the end of the day, all I could say is that I will defend myself," Jennifer teased to ET of the explosive moment. "I'm not going to sit there and be a doormat for anybody. It's not who I am. And I have super quick reflexes. So sometimes I react before I think -- and she charged at me."

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