‘RHONJ’ Star Jennifer Aydin Shows Off 20,000 Square Foot ‘Palace of Paramus’ (Exclusive)

ET was invited inside the reality star's home ahead of part two of the 'RHONJ Reunion,' airing Wednesday, May 26, on Bravo.

Jennifer Aydin's home is a sight for sore eyes!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star gave ET an epic look inside her not-so-humble abode, ahead of the part two RHONJ Reunion, airing Wednesday on Bravo. Dubbed the "Palace of Paramus," the 20,000 square foot mega mansion boasts 30 feet high ceilings, nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a pool, pool house, theater, gym, spa and a stripper pole. There's also a second basement below their first basement, which is where their indoor basketball court is located.

"We had to dig down like 30 feet underground," Aydin, 44, tells ET's Lauren Zima. "It's actually pretty cool because you could see my basement from here through the plexiglass up there."

The reality star recently redecorated her place, and couldn't help but show off her stunning walk-in closet.

"I pinch myself everyday. I do, I really do," she marveled, showing the stairs that lead to the second story of her closet. "This goes to the second level of my closet, which is basically another hiding spot that I have. I go up there and watch my trash TV, read a book, or even just take a nap."

The "palace" also comes equipped with an elevator and intercom system to connect with anyone in the house. "You press the button and you go, 'All children report to the table, dinner is served.'"

The mom-of-five is celebrating 18 years of marriage with husband Bill. And when you're married to a plastic surgeon, there's never a bad time for a face refresh - even at 5 p.m. on a random Monday.

"This is how my honey shows me love," Aydin joked as her hubby gives her a touch up.

But he's not her only secret weapon to keep the wrinkles at bay. "Everyone always asks me about my skin. I sleep on my back, I sleep on my back always," she noted. "I created this ultimate beauty pillow, which is basically like a pillow that you put on your existing pillow. It supports your neck and elevates your head so that your face never touches the pillow."

Meanwhile, as for filming the reunion, Aydin called it "explosive." "Oh my god, it was explosive! There were tears, there was laughter, and there was a lot of screaming," she teased. "The rest you're going to have to see how it unfolds."

"I won't rank it only because I don't know what the final product is going to be, but I'm going to say this is one of the top," she added. "If this was one of our best seasons, trust and believe that this is going to be one of our best reunions yet."

See more of Aydin's "Palace of Paramus" in the video above.