Ricky Schroder's Family Tried to Hold an Intervention After His 'Nonstop Partying,' Source Claims (Exclusive)

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Ricky Schroder has been dealing with issues related to "nonstop partying" and his family is worried about him, a source claims to ET.  

The 49-year-old actor was arrested early Wednesday on suspicion of domestic violence and was later released from jail after posting $50,000 bail. The Los Angeles County Sheriff tells ET in a statement that a similar incident occurred between Schroder and the alleged victim at the same residence, on April 2.

ET has reached out to both Schroder and his publicist for comment.

According to the source, Schroder has been struggling in recent years after his split from his ex-wife, Andrea, in September 2016. The two were married for 24 years and share four children together -- Holden, Luke, Cambrie and Faith.

"Ricky is a super talent and has been dealing with some issues for a long time," the source claims. "During his married life, his wife truly helped him hold it together but the last couple of years since their split he hasn't been doing well. His nonstop partying has truly affected his everyday life, and his family wants nothing more than for him to get the help that he needs."

"After his first arrest last month, he didn't see the severity of the situation," the source continues to claim. "When his girlfriend dropped the charges, he decided everything was back to 'normal.' He knows he is wrong but can't seem to change his behavior right now. ... He realizes that there is a problem but still won't make a change."

According to the source, his family recently attempted to hold an intervention for him. 

"There have been so many red flags and his family has constantly worried what will happen next," the source claims. "His family loves him so much, in fact, just last week, they all sat down together and talked to him about his detrimental behavior. They felt he needed an intervention and that would be the only way for him to see he needed help. They explained enough is enough. His kids told him how much they loved him and wanted him around. They told him they don't want to lose their father."

"If he doesn't make a change now, things are only going to get worse and they want their father healthy and will do whatever they can to help him," the source continues. "They just hope that this arrest will help him to see it's time to make a change."

But Schroder will always have the full support of his family, the source says.

"His family, including his ex-wife, will do anything to help Ricky, for both him and their children," the source says. "They will never abandon him."

In 2017, ET spoke to Schroder's model daughters, Cambrie and Faith, when they shared their famous father's advice to them. Watch the video below for more:


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