Rihanna Shares How Life Has Changed Since Welcoming Her Son: "Everything Matters Now"

The singer and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child in 2022.

Rihanna is good with her son, that's the way it is! On Sunday, the Fenty Beauty mogul appeared on the first episode of The Process with Nate Burleson NFL/iHeartPodcast and dished about motherhood and living for her son.

"My son, everything matters now," the 34-year-old singer told the CBS Mornings host. "You really start to take a lot into account, like sky diving may go on the back burner for now. You really think about stuff like that. It’s not worth it."

Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky welcomed their little boy in May. The pair have yet to share their son's name. And outside of one sweet video, the singer has not posted her son on social media. 

The "Needed Me" singer shared that since welcoming her baby boy last year, life has changed.

"Everything is different," she said. "Life before my son seems very obscure, it’s very far in the rear-view mirror to me. Very small and cloudy. It just got better with him. It got better. I mean, it’s so much hard work, but nothing is more fulfilling than that."

When it comes to picking projects, the Oscar-nominated singer shares why returning to the stage for the Super Bowl and returning to music with "Life Me Up," were worth taking a break from motherhood.

"I feel like getting back to anything right now had to feel worth it," she said. "Once you have a child, nothing seems worth it. Nothing feels worthy of your time away from your kid. So I was very careful in the things that I said yes to. Super Bowl was one of them."

She continued, "Wakanda Forever was the first thing that got me out of the house because I watched the trailer and I got a little glimpse of the movie. I believed in it. I felt it was authentic, it meant something to me. I just saw it in the lens of Chad’s widow. To lose someone and be able to say those things, before you go. I love that song, I felt it from jump and I knew people would feel that as well."

Rihanna admitted that she got the call to perform at the Apple Music Super Bowl halftime show just three months after she son was born. A honor that she said was scary.

"It was so scary because it was kind of unexpected," she told Burleson about getting the call. "My son was maybe only 3 months old, so this was one of those things, it was ‘Are you gonna come outside?’ Not just come outside but to the biggest stage ever. I haven’t performed in like seven years. 2016 was my last tour and that to me was the last time I remember being out there on the stage. I miss it. I miss it. To come back from zero to Super Bowl, that was nuts."

Ahead of Sunday's big game, ET caught up with Rihanna -- following her halftime show press conference -- and she dished on her already big 2023.

"It really feels like a lot's happening all at once," she told ET's Kevin Frazier. "Motherhood, Oscars, Super Bowl, I'm still pinching myself, really. I'm grateful. I'm grateful."