Rihanna Shoots Down Rumors About Her New Album Title (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the superstar at the launch of her visual autobiography, Rihanna, out Oct. 24.

Rihanna is shutting down any speculation about her upcoming album.

Fans recently noticed that the singer registered a song she wrote called "Private Loving" to BMI, which collects artists' licenses fees and distributes royalties, and began wondering if that was the title of her LP in the works.

"That's not true," Rihanna told ET's Rachel Smith during the launch of her upcoming visual autobiography, Rihanna, in New York City on Friday. "That's not gonna be the title of any album."

The 31-year-old singer opened up about her forthcoming ninth studio album in the November issue of Vogue, confirming that it would be "reggae-inspired."

When asked to elaborate on what else fans can expect, Rihanna said that it's "pending." "I can give you a dot, a dot and a dot," she jokingly replied, adding, "The thing is, when I get more information, you will be the first to know. I will gladly vomit that out on a red carpet."

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Rihanna

Even so, Rihanna can't wait to share her 504-page, 15-pound book that is filled with more than 1,000 images.

"It's a piece of art that I am really proud of because I've been working on it for over five years. It's something that I feel like my fans really, really want," the Barbados native said. "They want a piece of art, they want a collection of memories that I can share with them, some of which they've shared with me, some of which they have no clue of…If you were never a fan of me, you get an insight into who I am."

The singer and fashion designer's stunning book features a lot of "personal images and a lot of images that my fans have never seen before," she said, adding that it's not just her Instagram printed in a book.

"They want to know; what else is there? What else are we missing? What do you do when we don't see you?" Rihanna explained. "And this is a lot of insight to that and that's the special gem about this book."

Rihanna's visual autobiography, Rihanna, will be available Oct. 24.