Rihanna Totally Nails the 'Shirley Temple With Dreads' Look: Pics

Getty Images

Rihanna can pull off just about anything.

Rihanna can pull off just about anything.

After stunning on three different Vogue Paris covers, the 29-year-old singer shared her edgy new Dazed covers on Twitter, looking incredible as always. Rihanna rocked a curly 'do during the photo shoot, explaining that she wanted to "look like Shirley Temple had dreads."

Not surprisingly, she rocked it.

Rihanna also dazzled in hard-to-pull-off yellow eyeshadow, in a close-up of her sleeping face.

"Stay woke," she captioned the cover.

... And here's RiRi sporting a flawless natural look.

ET spoke with Rihanna in September, when she reflected on the 10-year anniversary of her now iconic hit, "Umbrella."

Watch below: