Rita Ora Admits She Has No Idea What She's Singing in That One Part of 'Anywhere' (Exclusive)

'Anywhere' is out now, along with Ora's other single, 'Your Song.' The 26-year-old is currently at work on her next studio album and will host the MTV EMAs from London on Nov. 12.

Rita Ora admits that what she's singing on the post-chorus verse of "Anywhere" is anyone's guess.

ET spoke with the 26-year-old singer about her new song, which is out now along with Ora's other single, "Your Song." She is currently working on her first studio album in five years and preparing to host the MTV EMAs in London on Nov. 12.

"I actually have no idea what I'm saying," Ora says with a laugh about her vocals on the track. "My voice was just chopped up, so I actually am not saying anything."

"So, you guys can make it up," she adds. "But we can say that I'm saying, like, take me anywhere you wanna be, maybe we can do that."

Judge for yourself while watching the official "Anywhere" video below.

"'Anywhere"' is one of those records that I definitely felt like I needed to escape. I was in L.A. I was making my music," Ora says of the song. "And I felt really, I don't know, still, stuck. I'm a city girl, so for me being anywhere, like, with beach and sun all the time, I start kind of like losing my mind. So, I kind of wanted to just get away."

Meanwhile, Ora also opened up about collaborating with Ed Sheeran on new music after a decade of friendship.

Watch the video below for what she had to say.