'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart Spills on Betty's 'Long-Lost Brother' & the Coopers' Future (Exclusive)

Riverdale Betty and Chick Cooper
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The Cooper clan just got even bigger!

The Cooper clan just got even bigger!

On this week's highly anticipated mid-season return of Riverdale, "Chapter 23: The Blackboard Jungle," three new members of the Cooper family were introduced to the audience.

Well, sort of.

First, Polly made a brief reappearance to sneak back into her old bedroom and slyly drop a baby bombshell on Betty. Turns out, Polly already secretly gave birth to her twins, but she wants to keep "Juniper and Dagwood" (yes, that's really their names) far away from Alice Cooper's controlling ways. 

Knowing that Alice would be crushed to discover this news, Betty decided to distract her mother by doing a little digging and finding the location of Charles Cooper, the long-lost child that Alice gave up for adoption many years ago.

Charles -- or "Chic" as he prefers to be called -- was none too pleased to meet his birth mother and little sister when they popped by for a surprise visit at Chic's motel room home. Turns out, Chic did not have the best childhood and he's currently making a living by offering "fantasy fulfillment" to clients. (Yes, we're serious.)

By the end of the episode, Betty saved Chic from a particularly violent client and brought him back to the Cooper household, where he spent the night in Polly's old room. The only problem is that Chic didn’t do much sleeping. Instead, Chic snuck into Betty's bedroom and proceed to watch his little sister sleep while wearing an eerily blank expression on his face. Yikes!

When ET sat down with star Lili Reinhart on the Riverdale set last October, the 21-year-old starlet opened up about Betty's quest to discover the Cooper family's hidden truths and the potential backlash it could bring.

"We're just now starting episodes where she is digging into that mystery [of her brother] and this unsolved chapter in her life," Reinhart spilled. "She definitely kind of goes on the hunt to find information on this long-lost brother that she has and [needs to decide] whether it's a good idea to try and bring him into to Coopers' lives now and if that's a good thing for Alice and Hal and Polly."

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