'Riverdale': Will Toni Topaz Break Up Bughead? Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse Spill the Truth! (Exclusive)

Riverdale Toni Topaz
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Is Toni Topaz a friend or foe?!

That's the question on every Riverdale fan's mind tonight after watching this week's all-new episode, "Chapter 17: The Town That Dreaded Sundown," when Toni showed off her surprisingly vicious side to Jughead, Betty and Kevin during their crack-the-code study session.

After trying to spend some extra alone time with Jughead outside of the Red and Black, and throwing a particularly pointed jab at Betty's ponytail, (Gasp, not the "iconic" ponytail!) Toni unleashed a verbal avalanche about the "fake news" out there that demonizes the Southside Serpents.  

"Oh, yeah?" Toni sneered when Betty claimed that she doesn’t hate the Serpents. "Then why is it that your boyfriend here lies about the fact that he sits with us at lunch?" Whoa, girl!

OK, Toni -- we see you trying to slither your way in between Betty and Jughead's relationship! To find out what Toni's true intentions really are, we caught up with Riverdale stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinharton this week's episode of Sweetwater Secrets and asked them to address those love triangle rumors.

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"It's kind of up in the air for whether [Toni] is helping or hindering Jughead," Sprouse admitted exclusively to ET. "I know she has her own agenda and it's revealed what her agenda is over time. But it's not quite clear if joining the Serpents is something that one: Jughead wants, or two: is something that's actually good for him."

Reinhart revealed that Betty and Jughead's relationship will definitely be tested thanks to Toni consistently staying by Juggy's side at school. "Toni Topaz is the complete opposite of Betty," the actress stressed. "She's this new girl in Jughead's life and I don’t want to say it's necessarily a love triangle between the three of them, but she does cause a rift a little bit."

"It's kind of a change in Betty's world," Reinhart continued. "[Toni] kind of, maybe catches her in her tracks a little bit. She causes a little bit of trouble, but she's not like, an enemy to the Bughead fans. I don’t really think of that character in that way. She's a lot more of just Jughead's ally on the Southside in my opinion."

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Sprouse added that Toni will continue to try and "coax him into the Serpents" and the repercussions of that decision will echo throughout the season. "She's a character that resonates with Jughead mentally quite a bit," Sprouse said. "So he has an easy time not seeing the red flags I think."

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