Rob Gronkowski Weighs In on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Romance, Talks Hosting LA Bowl (Exclusive)

The former NFL star talks with ET about Travis Kelce's rumored romance and discusses hosting the The LA Bowl in December.

Rob Gronkowski, the former NFL star turned entertainer, is set to take center stage as the newest host of the LA Bowl at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Dec. 16. The 34-year-old athlete is taking over the hosting duties from Jimmy Kimmel.

During a conversation with ET’s Kevin Frazier, Gronkowski discussed his latest venture, the return of Gronk Beach over the 2024 Super Bowl weekend, and his friendship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who is rumored romance to be dating Taylor Swift.

When asked about Kelce's expansion into entertainment and whether they had discussed it, Gronkowski responded, "I love Travis, we've been friends for a couple of years now, and we hit it off big time when he came to Gronk Beach when the NFL draft was in Vegas. About a year and a half ago is when we really hit it off. Travis is a great guy, works hard, the best tight end in the league right now. He's doing it on and off the field like no one has ever done before."

When asked about Kelce's dating life and rumored relationship with Swift, Gronkowski had nothing but praise for his friend, stating, "You know, it's wonderful, he deserves it all. He's had seven 1,000-yard seasons in a row. Wide receivers barely have seven 1,000-yard seasons in a row. He deserves every commercial, and he's a good-looking man, so he deserves any lady that he wants to get. And he can move. Like I said, I had a dance-off with him, and his hips can groove, so it's great to see him doing his thing on and off the field. He deserves it all."

LA Bowl Hosted By Gronk

As for the highly-anticipated return of Gronk, Gronkowski confirmed, "Yes, we'll be at the Super Bowl, no doubt about that. We'll be at Encore Beach once again, and it's going to be the Saturday before the Super Bowl. It's going to be poppin'."

Turning to the LA Bowl he's hosting, Gronkowski expressed his excitement for the event, saying, "The best thing about the LA Bowl hosted by Gronk is that it's full circle. When I went to Arizona, they hadn't been to a bowl game in 10 years, and that was the first bowl game they went to in 10 years once I got there.” 

He continued, "It was my sophomore year, my brother was on the team as well. We went to the bowl game in Las Vegas, which was the same conference match-up that is now the fifth place in the Pac-12 versus the number one team in the Mountain West. We beat Brigham Young University in 2008 and 2009, and it's incredible that many years later I will now be hosting it. I will now be bringing the Gronk brand to it, which includes energy, excitement, electricity, and much more."

LA Bowl Hosted By Gronk

As the conversation wrapped up, Gronkowski addressed the possibility of returning to the NFL. "I like to stay active, I like to stay fit. My family has been in the fitness industry for 30 years now, so working out is a part of my life," he explained. "But I don't see myself coming back to the NFL. I'm enjoying what I'm doing now - hosting bowl games, hosting parties at the Super Bowl. I'm not getting hit, but I'm still part of it all, which you can't complain about."

Gronkowski's journey from the NFL to entertainment continues to evolve, and it's evident that his passion for hosting and bringing energy to events is as electric as ever. 

Fans can learn more information about the LA Bowl Hosted by Gronk and buy tickets for the Dec. 16 event at LABOWLGAME.COM.



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