Rob Kardashian and Tyga Clap Back After Blac Chyna Says She Does Not Get Child Support

The men, who each share a child with Blac Chyna, addressed her claims in the comments section of a post shared by The Shade Room.

Rob Kardashian and Tyga are clapping back at Blac Chyna after she claimed she gets no child support from either one of them, both of whom share a child with the former reality star.

"Yesterday, I had to give up 3 of my morals, beliefs, being a single mother, no support I'm a MAMA," Chyna tweeted in a post shared by The Shade Room.

"Single no support child support," she added.

Both Tyga, who shares 9-year-old King with Chyna, and Kardashian, whom she shares daughter, Dream, 5 with, took issues with Chyna's tweet, citing the expenses and time they spend with their children as reason for not also paying their ex, child support.

"I pay 37k a year for my daughter’s school. I handle every single medical expense," Kardashian commented. "I pay for all her extracurricular activities. I have my daughter from Tuesday-Saturday. Why would i pay child support lol."

Tyga echoed a similar sentiment, writing, "I pay 40k a year for my son school & he lives w me mon- sat. Why would I pay child support lol."

After seeing Kardashian's comment, the "Taste" rapper commented on another post from The Shade Room, and asked Kardashian, "@robkardashianofficial how u pay 3k less. Let me kno the plug 🤣."

ET has reached out to Tyga and Kardashian's reps for comment.

Chyna's tweets come just one month after Kardashian dismissed the 2017 assault and battery lawsuit he filed against her.

Four years ago, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum and his sister, Kylie Jenner, filed the lawsuit together, alleging that Chyna attempted to choke Rob with an iPhone cord during an intense fight at a home owned by Kylie. He claimed in the lawsuit that the altercation allegedly left him with injuries to his neck, head and face. Additionally, Rob claimed that Chyna caused extensive damage to Kylie's home, which the 24-year-old makeup mogul said was in excess of $100,000. In 2018, Kylie was dismissed from the case per her request.

Kardashian also claimed that Chyna caused extensive damage to Jenner's home, which Jenner said was in excess of $100,000.

In a statement to ET Kardashian gave his reasons for withdrawing the lawsuit.

"My love for Dream far outweighs my desire to proceed with my claims against her mother in a public trial," the 35-year-old reality star said "Now that the court has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to warrant a jury trial on my claim for assault, for our daughter's sake, I am dismissing the action and focusing on my co-parenting relationship with Chyna."

In her own statement, Chyna's attorney Lynne Ciani argued, "Rob Kardashian should have thought of his daughter, Dream, before he filed his malicious and baseless assault and battery lawsuit against Dream's mother more than four years ago," Ciani said in her statement. "Rob has sought to use his wealth and power via this vexatious lawsuit to smear Chyna as a mother and even as a human being for more than four years."

Chyna's attorney noted that her client "was finally about to have her day in court at a Feb. 23 jury trial in Los Angeles Superior Court where she was prepared to prove with evidence that Rob's claim that she physically attacked and assaulted him was a malicious lie."

"Instead, Rob dropped his case on the eve of trial, not because he suddenly wanted to drop the case for the sake of his daughter, but because he knew his assault and battery accusations against Chyna were false," Ciani claimed in her statement. "In other words, Rob's avoidance of the serious consequences of an adverse jury verdict is why he dropped his case, not his supposed 'concern' for his daughter."

However, Chyna previously requested a dismissal of this lawsuit, which was denied in September 2020. Her renewed request was also denied on Feb. 15.