Robert Irwin Shares Amazing Side-By-Side Pic of Him and Dad Steve Feeding the Same Croc

Robert Irwin
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Like father, like son!

Robert Irwin took to Twitter on Wednesday to share amazing side-by-side photos of himself and his late dad, Steve Irwin, feeding the same crocodile. Steve, famously known as the Crocodile Hunter, died back in 2006 after being fatally injured by a stingray. 

In the pics, Robert bares a striking resemblance to his late dad, as both blond men are similarly dressed in their go-to khaki shorts and shirt combo. Robert explained in the caption that the pics were taken in the very same location, just at different times.

"Dad and me feeding Murray," Robert wrote of the crocodile, whom both men fed in front of a cheering crowd. "... same place, same croc - two photos 15 years apart ❤️?"

Twitter users loved the side-by-side comparison, with many praising 15-year-old Robert for carrying on his dad's legacy with animals.

"Great pic. Your father would be so proud. Keep carrying on the family tradition. ??," one user wrote.

"Its [sic] so good to see your dads work continued.. We miss him very much," another person chimed in. "This is something that makes my soul sing! I'm sure he is smiling saying isn't he a beaut?! Much love!!"

"I loved watching your Dad love all of the animals he came across! He would be so proud of you and your sister!!" a third person wrote, referencing Robert's older sister, Bindi Irwin.

When ET spoke to Robert back in May, he gushed over getting comparisons to his late dad.

"When people say, 'You remind us of your dad,' it's the biggest compliment I could ever receive," Robert said. "Because this is what we've dedicated our life to -- making sure that that message that he had, that passion that he had, continues."

"He really did change the world. He inspired us. That's why we're so passionate," he added.

As for the physical similarities, even Robert admitted that it's "a little bit freaky."

"It's interesting looking at some of the photos when he was my age, and you can see, it's very similar," he said. "It's a little bit freaky. It's amazing."

Watch the video below for more on the Irwins.


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