Robert Pattinson on Whether He'd Do a Second 'Batman' Movie (Exclusive)

Colin Farrell also teases what fans can expect from HBO Max's 'The Penguin' spinoff series.

Edward Cullen might not be the only character Robert Pattinson revisits. The Twilight star tells ET's Nischelle Turner that he's open to doing a sequel to Matt Reeves' highly anticipated film, The Batman

"I was talking to Matt about it yesterday, and it's funny because he keeps saying he’s got ideas," Pattinson says of starring as Bruce Wayne in another Batman movie. "There's so much I love. I'm just so proud of the movie and it would be so fun to do it again."

As for slipping back into the Caped Crusader's suit, the 35-year-old actor says he got "pretty good at getting in and out of it" by the end of filming. However, Pattinson admits that scenes involving water were challenging.

"The suit is quite tight so when you try to put any layer underneath you suddenly feel like the Michelin Man," he quips. "You don’t feel slinky at all."

While Pattinson got the hang of his costume, his co-star, Zoë Kravitz, says it took two people to get her in and out of her Catwoman getup, and "it kept getting caught in things."

"It was awkward," the 33-year-old actress says of the latex look.

When it comes to what fans can expect from this movie, Colin Farrell, who plays the villain Penguin in the film, says Pattinson's portrayal of this classic superhero isn't what fans have seen in previous movies.

"Robert's embodiment of Batman is terrifying and damaged and broken and wounded and empathetic and all those other things," he shares. 

And while Pattinson is open to a Batman sequel, Farrell is reportedly gearing up for HBO Max's spinoff series, The Penguin, though tells ET that they're "still early in the process of creating this world."

"We have to get into what made him the man he is. And also, it will pick up where this film finished off I think. I think it'll pick up a little short time after the last frame of this film," Farrell teases of the series about Penguin, aka Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. "We'll get to go on a little kind of left turn off to the world of Oz and how he's beginning to kind of dream of filling a potential power vacuum that may exist."

Farrell adds it's still "early days," but says it's "so much fun" to play the character. "...It's a lovely, lovely character, and explores vulnerabilities," he shares. "His violence is apparent, his propensity for violence and his ability to use it as a tool is apparent, but [also] to see we all have soft spots. Every single person. And to be able to find that location, dig around it would be fun."

The Batman, also starring Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright and John Turturro, hits theaters on March 4.