Romeo on Why His Family Is the Real-Life 'Lion King' -- and Dad Master P Is Mufasa (Exclusive)

The 32-year-old former child star exalted his father, legendary rapper and entrepreneur Master P.

Romeo Miller is new to the game when it comes to fatherhood, but he's not sweating it. And for good reason. After all, Master P -- the legendary rapper, famed entrepreneur and model figure -- is his father.

The 32-year-old rapper and his 54-year-old "pops" joined ET's Kevin Frazier for a candid conversation about their unbreakable bond and how that bond's forged them the success they enjoy today. Miller, a child star who was formerly Lil' Romeo, likens his relationship with Master P to that of the main characters in Disney's The Lion King.

"My pops, you know the world may know him as Master P, this mogul, this trailblazer this [and] that and I always tell people having a strong father figure makes the biggest difference," Miller explains. "Just seeing the way he moves. Growing up, the way he [operated]. It prepared me for life. It's probably like watching The Lion King. You could probably go rewind and see me say that in a million interviews, but The Lion King is the movie I related to most because this my Mufasa right here."

Master P -- aka Percy Miller -- has founded rap labels, a film production company and introduced tons of products to the market -- from snacks and cereals to shoes and clothing. The legendary rapper, with a net worth of more than $200 million, is also a respected investor who recently wrote the introduction to the second edition of the book Never Go Broke, written by financial expert and adviser Ed Butowsky.

"You know, he [taught] all [his] kids how to be kings and queens," Miller added. "So, my pops he's an amazing dad. Forget everything else. He's an amazing dad."

Following in his father's footsteps, Miller released three albums as Lil' Romeo, and all three of those albums charted on Billboard's 200 list. He's also appeared in films and enjoyed a college basketball career at USC. He and his girlfriend, Drew Sangster, recently welcomed their first child together, a baby girl. And just getting to the hospital for the momentous occasion felt like a scene ripped out of a screenplay.

"During the pregnancy when [Drew] went into labor I had to fly in town," Miller said. "I was out of the country. The baby waited for me and as soon as I got there, my baby was here. So, it was kind of like a movie -- me running through airports, running through customs and my baby she was like, 'I'm not coming out until dad is in this hospital.' And for me, it's really surreal."

Master P, who prides himself as a self-made brand and not just an entertainer, looks back on the work Miller's put in over the years and sees the transformation from young boy to man.

"We prepared," Master P says. "He did everything he had to do as a man to grow and mature and be prepared to be a father. Cause anybody can be a daddy. I think that a father's something that you know is a real responsibility. There's a lifetime commitment. Same thing that I have with him, it's a lifetime commitment. So, I think he understands that his daughter's gonna have an amazing life because of who her father is."

Miller added, "I learned from the best."