Ron Howard on Who He'd Love to See Take on His Role in a Potential 'Happy Days' Revival (Exclusive)

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While a Happy Days revival hasn't yet been announced, Ron Howard is always looking toward the future. The filmmaker and former Happy Days star even has an idea for who'd be perfect to take over his role in a possible reboot.

Recently, the acclaimed director sat down with his brother, actor Clint Howard, and the celeb siblings interviewed one another, exclusively for ET.

During their chat, Clint brought up the frequently asked question of a potential Happy Days revisit, and Ron made a surprising suggestion for who he felt could do a great job playing Richie Cunningham.

"There’s this kid, his career is really taking off so who knows, but let’s just say I think Jack Dylan Grazer would be great," Ron said. "That is Brian Grazer -- my partner at Imagine Entertainment -- his nephew. But nepotism aside, I think he'd be great."

"He'd be a cooler, hipper Richie Cunningham," Ron added. "If he was willing to take the job."

Jack Dylan Grazer's career has recently begun to heat up in a big way. He starred in both It films, based on the horror novel by Stephen King, and voiced a lead character in Pixar's recent project Luca, among many other credits to the 18-year-old actor's name.

The pair also reflected on the upcoming milestone anniversary for A Beautiful Mind, which turns 20 in December. The film earned Ron two Oscars, for Best Director and Best Picture.

"Boy, I haven’t seen Beautiful Mind since it was released in theatres," Ron shared. "I don’t look back too often, I just stay busy and I’m always onto the next project. But I have great memories of it."

"When you say Beautiful Mind, I immediately go to a whole series of moments where Russell Crowe was so creative and so courageous and would draw upon aspects of his own psyche that were so powerful, I was literally in awe," Ron continued. "It was artistry that I was witnessing, and so that film owes itself to some great writing from Akiva Goldsman and this remarkable performance at the center of it."

Crowe would go on to earn an Oscar nomination for his performance, while Goldsman took home on Oscar for the screenplay.

Now, nearly 60 years after both Ron and Clint began their careers as child actors, and after countless cinematic collaborations, the pair have united to co-write a new memoir about their experiences -- The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family.

The recollections focus largely on the brothers' early lives as actors in the spotlight who managed to stage grounded due to the love and guidance from their parents, and an attitude the brothers refer to as "Midwestern zen."

"They had such an unbelievably patient way in dealing with us and they were not mesmerized by the glamor of the industry," Clint recalled. "They were not mesmerized by fame or potential fortune. Both mom and dad saw it as an opportunity to do really fun, expressive, creative work. They always kept it about the work."

The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family is available now.


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