Rosario Dawson 'So Proud' of Boyfriend Cory Booker After His Senate Reelection

Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson
Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Earth Conscious Films

The actress penned a sweet note to her boyfriend on Wednesday.

Rosario Dawson is cheering on boyfriend Cory Booker. The 51-year-old politician was reelected to the New Jersey state Senate after beating Republican Rikin Mehta with 60% of the vote.

"So proud of and grateful for you my love. I got to vote for you here in New Jersey and am so glad that you overwhelmingly and rightfully won your seat again," Dawson, 41, began. "To know your leadership will continue to guide us with love, brilliance, patience, grace and effectiveness is the kind of representation and hope we need."

She added that they saw "record turnout" and that people "need to keep building so that we can win both houses and make real change!" She concluded with a couple of hashtags, "#EyeOnThePrize #MIDTERMS #2022IsAroundTheCorner."

On Tuesday, after his win, Booker posted a message to his followers and friends on Instagram.

"New Jersey, I'm once again humbled by the faith you've placed in me. Thank you for standing with me and allowing me the honor of representing our great state in Washington," he wrote. "Our work is far from finished."

Dawson also congratulated him on the post, writing, "Congratulations my love. I’m so grateful for your leadership and your team. We need you."

The couple confirmed they were dating in March 2019 and have been supporting each other ever since. However, she did admit in February that dating a politician was "scary" since she's a "wild person."

"I could be asked to serve my country, and that’s scary to me because I’m a wild person," she told Women's Health, adding that she was still excited about their future and "what we can create together."

"I feel a lot of life ahead of us. It’s been beautiful feeling nurtured and taken care of. I’ve never been this close to someone. We make sure we connect," she explained. "That’s something I’ve taken for granted in the past."

In April, Dawson gushed to ET about her beau, sharing that he "marathoned all of Jane the Virgin."

"He's seen every episode just because he wanted to see the last two seasons with me," she told ET. "So it's been very sweet. He's been very encouraging and very supportive."

"He's just a good, really good guy through and through," she added. "To see him, and witness him, and love him through such incredible, powerful stages in his life in just this past year... [it's] been amazing to see how his energy is just unwavering. It's powerful."

Hear more on what Dawson has told ET about her relationship in the video below.