'Drag Race' Season 12 Queens Reveal Who They're Rooting for on 'All Stars 5' (Exclusive)

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Just last Friday, RuPaul's Drag Race crowned a winner, baby, officially drawing to a close season 12 of the reality competition. Which means it's time to hang up our wigs and kick off our heels, because-- What's that? A new season of Drag Race premieres tonight, without even a week to catch our breath?

It's time for All Stars 5, which brings with it a big twist and 10 truly sickening returning queens. To bridge the gap, we've asked the cast of season 12 to reveal who they're rooting for on All Stars 5: Alexis Mateo, Blair St. Clair, Derrick Barry, India Ferrah, Jujubee, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, Mayhem Miller, Miz Cracker, Ongina or Shea Couleé?

Spoiler alert: We got all up in our best Pythagoras drag and did the math for you: With nine votes cast by her season 12 sisters, Shea Couleé is the All Stars favorite.

See the individual breakdowns below.

Aiden Zhane: "It's an amazing cast, but I am rooting for Miss Shea Couleé all the way."

Brita: "As a woman of color, I gotta vote for my girls, Shea and Jujubee. They're amazing drag artists and I look up to them so much. Also, I absolutely loved Blair St. Clair on her season, so I'm really excited to see what she brings this year. But also my good sis, Miz Cracker! There's so many options."

Crystal Methyd: "I have a few. Shea Couleé is, of course, like everything. I want Alexis Mateo to win so bad. She is so frickin' funny to me. Just someone who is naturally so charismatic [and] killed every challenge on her season. And I'm glad [because she was on] season 3, so some of the kids who haven't seen that far back will be introduced to her amazingness."

Dahlia Sin: "I'm really rooting for my girl, Shea. I'm also rooting for Cracker. I'm rooting for Jujubee. And I also love Blair. Those are my top four girls, because I couldn't pick a top three. Shea for the crown."

Gigi Goode: "I want to watch this season, to the best of my ability, without having a favorite... That being said, I am very, very excited to see what Shea Couleé and Blair St. Clair bring, because they have had nothing but time and money to improve their drag so God knows it is going to be good."

Heidi N Closet: "I love so, so many of the queens that are on this season. They're all so talented. But I have to say I'm most excited to see Jujubee. I fell in love with her all the way back on season 2, and she's been my favorite queen ever since."

Jackie Cox: "I will say my favorite of the entrance looks has been Ongina's. That look was so incredible. And Ongina really captured my heart all the way back from season 1. I'm so excited to see what she brings. But it's an amazing roster overall. We have a lot of early season queens -- which I watched the show since season 1, but so many of the younger generation and new fan base hasn't -- so it's exciting for this whole brand to kind of celebrate its history a little bit."

Jaida Essence Hall: "I think the one who needs the most redemption, because, honey, America loves her down boots -- and you already know -- its Miss Shea Couleé. Obviously, obviously. But Miz Cracker is up there too. I love me some Cracker. But baby, Shea is that b**ch, always."

Jan: "If anyone's going to be my front-runner, I love Miz Cracker so much. Miz Cracker taught me so much about my drag from the beginning stages. Every single Sunday I would go see Brita and then I would go see Monét and Cracker do a show together. So I was rooting for Monét all the way on All Stars 4, and I'm keeping it in the New York family. I wanna see Cracker take home that crown."

Nicky Doll: "I was rooting for Shea so hard on her season, so I have to keep rooting for her. But also Jujubee. Her interactions with Raven were what made me start doing drag, and Jujubee's personality is everything that inspired me as a baby drag queen."

Rock M. Sakura: "I'd say my top three are Cracker, Shea and Jujubee. They all represent my favorites from their respective seasons. Shea is so beautiful and polished and she makes a great show, Cracker is so funny and so meticulously comedic, and Jujubee is so naturally charismatic that it's hard not to root for her."

Widow Von'Du: "I am definitely here for Miss Shea Couleé, Ongina, I'm happy that India Ferrah's back. This cast is sickening."

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars airs Fridays at 8:00 p.m. on VH1.


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