Rupert Grint on His Journey Into Fatherhood and ‘Servant’ Season 3 (Exclusive)

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Rupert Grint absolutely loves being a dad. The 33-year-old actor touched on how fatherhood has changed him while promoting season 3 of his Apple TV+ show, Servant. From M. Night Shyamalan, the thriller follows a mourning Philadelphia couple whose marriage is up in the air after an unspeakable tragedy. The rift then opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

"[Fatherhood], it's definitely changed my perspective," Grint told ET's Lauren Zima, before touching on the show's theme of how far a person would go for their child. "Since becoming a dad, kind of midway through, just to really have a better sense of what that can do to a family, that kind of level of loss is unimaginable. And yeah, I mean, it's quite hard for me to kind of really completely face that directly. I just find it just incredible."

"It's a weird place to be, especially when Wednesday first came. I remember I brought her to the set this season," he continued. "She thought she was at Sesame Street, which was very far away from Sesame Street. But yeah, it's really interesting."

Grint and Georgia Groome became parents to daughter Wednesday in 2020. The proud dad showed off his baby girl when joining Instagram a year ago. The Harry Potter actor, meanwhile, noted how "amazing" it was to bring his daughter to set, before marveling over being a dad.

"It's great. I'm absolutely loving being a dad. It's just the best thing," he expressed. "It's amazing how it completely kind of takes over everything. It's all I really care about, so it's been great."

As for what Servant fans can expect from the third season, Grint and co-star Toby Kebbell shared some insight on their character's journeys. The psychological thriller series has already been renewed for a fourth season.

"It feels like a very different show…We see a little bit more outside of the house this time, so it was kind of a glimpse of the outside world. As well for Julian, he is very different, he has sobered up, he's really trying consciously to be a better person and to be a healthier person and start this whole regime of like exercising and things. But also, he kind of clears his mind so he can really face the guilt that he has been holding onto from the incident… The core of the show is about people who are not grieving, so it was really interesting to see that side of him without all of his devices to distract him from that."

As for Kebbell, who portrays Sean Turner, he teased that in the new episodes, "You are going to get some resolutions, thankfully, and you are just going to get another excellent cliffhanger."

"Although we can’t speak that far into it and you are going to be well into March before you get there," he added. "It's just a transition for Sean. He starts to believe a lot more and see if nurturing Nell [Tiger Free] and letting her make her own decisions is the root to getting his family back and just brushing all this under the carpet, which is an incredibly unhelpful, unhealthy version of the world. So yeah, it's that kind of, 'We really didn’t know what was going to happen next,' and it leads you on a great, great, great journey."

Servant premieres Jan. 21 on AppleTV+. For more on Grint -- and the upcoming Harry Potter reunion -- watch below.


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