Ryan Gosling’s Youngest Daughter Amada Had a Hilarious Introduction to New York City

Ryan Gosling on 'Kimmel'

Ryan Gosling’s youngest daughter, Amada, had the perfect introduction to New York City. The 36-year-old Blade Runner 2049 actor recounted the moment to Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night.

“My youngest daughter is a year and a half, and it was her first time in New York,” he explained. “I brought her to the window in the morning and I said, ‘Sweetheart, welcome to New York!’ and two cars went, ‘SMASH.’” 

But the car crash turned funny, as Gosling recalled, “Smoke started pouring out of the cars and these two guys got out and I won’t repeat the hand gestures for you, but I quickly covered her eyes and ran away from the window.”

Gosling and his family came to New York for his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. The actor made headlines for frequently “breaking” and laughing in the middle of the sketches. 

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“I have this weird disorder where when I find something funny, I laugh. I’m working on it,” he quipped.

Gosling and his longtime love Eva Mendes were spotted holding hands at the star-studded after party. Watch the clip to see the sweet pics!

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