Ryan Reynolds and 'John Krasinski' Recreate Famous 'The Office' Prank With Randall Park in Super Bowl Ad

The guys starred in the commercial to promote John Krasinski's new move, 'IF.'

Randall Park is returning to his The Office roots. During Super Bowl LVIII, the actor starred in an ad for John Krasinski's upcoming movie, IF, though he doesn't star in the movie.

In the spot, Park sits next to Ryan Reynolds, telling the actor, "I'm John Krasinski, director of the upcoming film, If." As Park begins to explain what the film is about, Reynolds exclaims, "You're not John Krasinski!"

The bit is a nod to a famous prank on The Office, in which Park's Steve pretends to be Krasinski's Jim to mess with Dwight (Rainn Wilson). While Park doesn't actually star in the movie, IF does reunite writer-director Krasinski with his Office co-star, Steve Carell, who voices Blue in the film.

The teaser begins from there, with the screen reading, "This May, the IFs are coming."

"IF, get it?" one animated character questions. "Imaginary friend."

Later in the teaser, Reynolds' character tells one IF, "I'm not going to ask you again. Put some pants on. You're freaking everyone out."

Back in December, the first trailer for IF was released. The movie, which Krasinski wrote and directed, follows Bea (Cailey Fleming), a young girl who, after going through a tough time, discovers that she can see imaginary friends who have been left behind after their real-life friends grew up.

Reynolds' character, known as the Man Upstairs, is the only other person who can see all the IFs. He and Bea team up and embark on a magical adventure to reconnect the forgotten IFs with new kids -- if that's even possible.

IF will hit theaters May 17.



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