Ryan Reynolds Says His and Blake Lively's Daughters Didn't Know 'Aunt' Taylor Swift Was Famous

The 'Deadpool' star and his wife are expecting baby No. 4.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s daughters just found out how famous Taylor Swift is. Reynolds, who shares daughters James 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, with his wife, admitted that his daughters just thought the pop superstar was a friend of the family.  

"I think that’s what’s most exciting for them, is that for the longest time, they just thought Taylor’s just an aunt, a friend of Mommy and Daddy that’s very, very close. Almost family," he said during an interview on the Jess Cagle Show.  

"And then they went to a concert one day and were like, 'Oh, this isn’t a hobby,'" he said about his kid’s reactions.  

Reynolds, who is expecting baby number four with Lively, said that his daughters absolutely celebrated the release of Swift’s latest album, Midnights

"God yeah, that’s like a religion in our house," the Deadpool star said. "In fact, I am not making this up, we are having a Taylor Swift Midnights dance party after this. It’s Sunday, we are heading straight to the porch where we’re doing a full dance number set to Midnights."

He added, "Swear words included. My favorite thing is when a 3-year-old is throwing down F-bombs in a song and has no idea."

Earlier this week, the Spirited star dished to ET about his family’s love for the "Anti-Hero" singer and her latest album. 

"Oh my god, yes. All of us, whole house, I'm not kidding. I love it so much," he said about the record-breaking album. "I do, Blake does, my daughters. We love it. Obsessed." 



Reynolds' household is growing by one more Swiftie -- as he is gearing up to welcome another baby with his wife. During a chat on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 46-year-old revealed he’s cutting back on the stunts so he can continue to be active with his children.  

"I’m rethinking doing stunts now," he said. "Because I’m starting to realize I want to really still be active with my kids and stuff. Like, I love throwing them up in the air." 

And when it comes to whether he and Lively are welcoming another little girl, Reynolds wouldn’t mind holding on to the girl dad title forever. 

"We don’t, we never find out. We always wait until they come down the chute," he quipped when asked about the baby’s sex. "I’m kinda hoping for a girl, ‘cause I know, I’m a bit of a hen myself. I know girls. I’m a girl dad, I'm used to that, I'm ready for that."