Salma Hayek Reacts to Hilaria Baldwin's 'Crazy' Heritage Scandal: 'She Fooled Me'

The Mexican actress has co-starred alongside Alec Baldwin in both '30 Rock' and 'Drunk Parents.'

Alec Baldwin's frequent co-star, Salma Hayek, says his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, is "smart to want to be Spanish."

In December, the 37-year-old yoga instructor's heritage was questioned following social media claims that she has been exaggerating her connection to Spain for years, including putting on an accent at times.

Salma, who co-starred alongside Alec in 30 Rock and Drunk Parents, said on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live that the scandal is "crazy," but she has no ill will toward Hilaria. "We all lie a little bit. She makes my friend happy," the Mexican-born actress said of Alec's wife allegedly pretending to be a person from Spain. "She fooled me because she's such a good mother and she has five of them. And you know, I don't care."

Salma added that she feels "honor" that someone would want their "alter ego" to be Spanish. "It makes me feel proud that people are inspired," she told host Andy Cohen on Monday. "...I am Mexican and Lebanese, but my grandparents, my ancestors on my mother's side are Spanish. I think she's smart to want to be Spanish."

While the 54-year-old actress insisted that she's "cool" with Hilaria, she did admit that it's a "bizarre story."

"...We all create our own character in life. I mean, this might be extreme," Salma said in Hilaria's defense. "...She's not a bad person. ...She makes my friend happy. She's very kind to me, and that's all I care about."

Salma added, "And Spanish people are cool. I don't blame her for choosing that."

The Bliss star isn't the only celebrity to comment on Hilaria's scandal. Amy Schumer, who had her own Instagram back-and-forth with Hilaria before the drama over her heritage began, spoke to ET about the speculation surrounding the mother of five's connection to Spain.

"I feel like it was so insane and entertaining that I think Hilaria is probably the only person who is happy about the insurrection in the Capitol, because it distracted [people] from that," Schumer quipped to ET. "She is amazing and I wish her and her family the best. And I hope she gets to visit Spain as much as she wants."