Sam Asghari Addresses Britney Spears Prenup Concerns From Fans

The longtime couple announced their engagement on Sunday.

Sam Asghari is prepared to sign a prenup. Following his engagement to Britney Spears, the 27-year-old actor and fitness trainer took to his Instagram Story to address fans' concerns about the financial aspect of his upcoming marriage.

"Thank you everyone who is concerned about The prenup!" he wrote. "Of course we're getting [an] iron clad prenup to protect my jeep and shoe collection incase [sic] she dumps me one day."

Asghari, who has supported Spears amid her ongoing conservatorship battle, concluded his post with two laughing crying emojis.

Instagram / Sam Asghari

Asghari's prenup response came after Octavia Spencer gave 39-year-old Spears some advice in the comments section of her engagement announcement.

"Make him sign a prenup," the 51-year-old actress wrote, drawing more than 35,000 likes from fans.

Spears announced her engagement on Sunday, sharing a video of herself and Asghari showing off her 4 carat engagement ring.

"I can’t f**king believe it 💍💍💍💍💍💍❣️!!!!!!" the pop star captioned the post.

Asghari reacted to the well-wishes on his Instagram Story, writing, "My phone exploded today! Thank you for the overwhelming love and congratulations. We both love [every] single one of you!"

Additionally, in a statement to ET, Asghari's manager, Brandon Cohen, said the couple is "deeply touched by the support, dedication and love expressed to them." 

In an interview with Men's Health, which was conducted prior to the couple's engagement news but published after the fact, Asghari opens up about how he does his best to make Spears happy.

"A lot of people don’t get that she’s a crazy, crazy athlete. We play tennis together. We play ping-pong together. She’s really good at ping-pong. It’s a real competition," he says of their free time together. "And I’m competitive, but I try to take it easy. Not because she’s a woman. Not because she’s weak, because she’s not. But I grew up with three sisters, so I learned that taking competition too seriously can lead to hurt feelings. Family take it easy on each other."

"There’s a lot of yoga that she likes to do. She’s flexible, she has endurance, she does handstands on my legs. I’m not good at it, but I do it because she wants to do it," Asghari adds. "I just want her to be happy. If something makes her happy, I’ll do it. I’m not going to argue. What’s that saying? 'Happy wife, happy life.'"

Asghari also notes that his family has met Spears, and reveals that he often turns to his three older sisters for advice.

"Of course they know my girl. Everybody knows her. My grandmother knows my girl," he gushes. "When I need an honest opinion, I go to my sisters. I learned a lot about women from them, and I learned a lot about respecting women. I had to; otherwise I would get my a** kicked."

The couple's engagement comes the same month that a source told ET that Asghari and Spears were ready to take the next step in their relationship.

"They are ready to embrace that next chapter, and love each other without limits or without feeling like they are on a leash. Naturally, an engagement is the next step," the source said. "It’s never been a question of, 'Will it happen?' It’s always been about when."

"They're finally getting closer to the 'when' thanks to Britney’s conservatorship suit yielding in her favor. It’s all very real for Sam especially, and engagement is on his mind now more than ever. He and Britney want that badly," the source added. "They want the whole family thing too. It’s just a matter of timing."