Samantha Sanchez on the Importance of Mental Health and Empowering Young Women Through Her Music (Exclusive)

Samantha Sanchez
Renzo Novelli

Samantha Sanchez discusses the importance of mental health and how she works to empower young women through her music.

Samantha "Sammy" Sanchez is making her mark on the music industry, and putting in the hard work both in and out of the studio. The 20-year-old Spanish-Cuban singer is embraces her culture through her art, but her focus goes beyond just making catchy music. 

Sanchez, who was born in Madrid, may be young, but she already has five singles under her belt and has experienced a lot of life living in Miami. In fact, the Florida city is where she got her start by attending music events, making friends with people in the industry and learning from those all around her. 

"Living in Miami is like living with every culture, like a little bit of everything," she tells ET. "It feels like home. And just to have those roots from like [Spain], Cuba, they have like these amazing cultures that I can totally use in my music. It's really cool for me to be showing that in my music."

With nearly 310,000 followers on Instagram and 515,000 YouTube subscribers, Sanchez takes her place as a role model for young fans very seriously.

"I have a big following of young girls from [all around the world], so I like to show them that you can do whatever you want," she explains. "You just have to put your mind and yourself into it, and be confident in what you do."

"Because as young girls, I feel like we have to always be strong," she continues. "So with my music, that's my focus is to always empower young girls, and let them know their dreams can come true.

Sanchez practices what she preaches, too. Her latest single, "No Quiero Na," which translates to "I Don't Want Anything," is all about positive energy, self-love and staying true to yourself no matter what life throws your way -- all things she's worked hard on over the years. "I feel like we all have our ups and downs and you have to learn from them," she says. 

As for who she looks up to personally, Sanchez shares: "I like Bruno Mars. And Rosalia, she's from Spain, too, so I feel really connected with her and [the fact] that she's such a hard worker [makes her] one of the artists that I really like and admire. Billie Eilish and Kehlani. Kehlani -- she's one of my favorite artists ... I like to hear all different types of music so I can get inspired ... I love music in English and Spanish." 

Sanchez's latest song was released just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, another area in her life that Sanchez takes very seriously. While her career focus is her music, Sanchez makes sure to take time to refocus her mind when life and work get hectic.

"I think reading is the answer for me to get back to being grounded," she shares. "You know, I love to read, I think the answer to everything is in books. I really enjoy reading and every time I feel either too overwhelmed or stressed, or I feel like I'm not focused or in line, I always go to the books because it's my way to get grounded and refocus on my mental health. [It helps me] be at peace."

Sanchez says she recommends that her fans do the same when they need to clear their head. "I would 100 percent tell my fans to [get lost] in a book when the internet [gets too much]," she says. "I also paint, I love fashion. All the arts."